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Haifa, Израиль
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JCI American Accreditation of Medical Institutions
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In 1938, the Rambam Medical Center was founded in the northern region of Israel (Haifa). Today it bears the title of the largest multidisciplinary medical-diagnostic and rehabilitation medical institution in the region. The main specialties of the institution include cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, pediatrics, urology, oncology, traumatology, and neurosurgery. The center pays a lot of attention to the problems of maternity: it carries out artificial insemination and conducts obstetric activity. The structure of the medical center includes inpatient units for 1000 beds, as well as diagnostic and specialized medical units, centers of thoracic surgery, oncology, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, own laboratories, and economic and administrative units. For the treatment of children from 0 to 18 years old, there is the specialized hospital Ruth Rappaport and the multi-medical center Mayer. The staff consists of more than 700 doctors, about 1,500 medical staff with excellent training. Each year, Rambam Center’s specialists provide medical services to about 100 thousand patients in inpatient units, and about half a million undergo outpatient treatment. In addition to providing medical services to the population, the Rambam Center is engaged in the training of medical and paramedical workers. For its vigorous activity and the quality of services provided, the center made the TOP-3 of the best hospitals in Israel in 2017.
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Best clinic's doctors
Professor Gilad E. Amiel
Work experience: 20 years

Serving as the chairman of the Advisory Board to the AACE, and is a member of the American Urological Association (AUA), the Urology Research Foundation (URS), the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN), the Israel Medical Association (IMA), and several other organizations. Associate editor of the Journal of Cancer Education. He is also a reviewer for several urological, educational, and bioengineering journals. He has additionally co-written more than 60 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.

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Professor Ziv Gil
Work experience: 17 years

Director of the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at Rambam Heath Care Campus. Member of the editorial board of multiple journals, has written 4 books and more than 200 scientific publications. He additionally established the first comprehensive Head and Neck Center in Israel at Rambam in 2014. Prof. Gil is the leader of several international consortia on head and neck cancer, including the International Consortium for Outcome Research (ICOR).

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Professor Mark Eidelman
Pediatric orthopedic
Work experience: 17 years

Works in the Pediatric Orthopedic Unit at Rambam since 2002. His main areas of orthopedic interest are limb-lengthening and deformity corrections, clubfoot corrections, pelvic
osteotomies, and pediatric trauma. Membership in the Israeli Orthopedic Association and the European Pediatric Orthopedics Society. Prof. Eidelman was the first to introduce the Taylor Spatial Frame in Israel, beginning in 2003.

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Doctor Ilana Schlesinger
Work experience: 21 years

Senior Neurologist, specializing in movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease. Founded a center Focused Ultrasound Treatment of Movement Disorders in cooperation with Rambam’s Department of Neurosurgery.


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Professor Gil Bolotin
Cardiac Surgeon
Work experience: 17 years

Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery. Leading specialist in cardiac surgery and operations . Conducted extensive research regarding heart valve repair and replacement, surgery of the aorta, surgical treatments for heart failure, robotic and minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

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Doctor Aviad Hoffman
Surgical oncologist
Work experience: 19 years

Board membership of: American Society of Abdominal Tumors, Israeli Society of Surgical Oncology, Israeli Society of Breast Disease, Society for Surgery of the Digestive System.

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Cost of diagnostics and operations
Specialist advice200 - 400$Enquire price
Correspondence consultation370$Enquire price
PET CT2100 - 3500 $Enquire price
Coronary angiography5000 - 6500 $Enquire price
MRI800 - 1500$Enquire price
CT with contrast600 - 1000$Enquire price
Laboratory research50 - 1000 $Enquire price
Histology review300 - 1000 $Enquire price
TrueBeam (Radiotherapy) 9 000 - 13 000 $Enquire price
Proton therapy55 570 - 64 000 $Enquire price
High-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow transplantation 77000 - 130 000 $Enquire price
Chemotherapy6500 - 9300 $Enquire price
Biopsy of the internal organs tumor7500 - 12 000 $Enquire price
Histology review300 - 1000 $Enquire price
Absentee second opinion370 $Enquire price
MIBG4000 - 5500 $Enquire price
PET CT 2100 - 3500 $Enquire price
Mastectomy12000 - 14 800 $Enquire price
Immunotherapy60 000 - 256 000 $Enquire price
Da Vinci's Robotic System17800 - 23 500 $Enquire price
Removal of cervical tumors12000 - 18000 $Enquire price
(Transurethral resection of the prostate) TUR12 000 - 17 500 $Enquire price
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (related donor)174 000 - 271000 $Enquire price
Bone marrow biopsy5000 - 7500 $Enquire price
High-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow transplantation80 000 - 93 000 $Enquire price
PET CT2100 - 3500 $Enquire price
Coronary angiography3800 - 6700 $Enquire price
Coronary stenting15 000 - 18 300 $Enquire price
Coronary artery bypass surgery21 000 - 24 000$Enquire price
Heart valve replacement23 200 - 26 700 $Enquire price
MRI of the heart800 - 1500 $Enquire price
Consultation of a cardiologist380 $Enquire price
Surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia 15 300 - 17 500$Enquire price
MRI of the brain800 - 1500 $Enquire price
Removal of spinal cord tumor23 300 - 27 500 $Enquire price
Lumbar discectomy10 500 - 14 130 $Enquire price
Hip replacement12 300 - 16 900 $Enquire price
Knee replacement10 400 - 13 100 $Enquire price
Ankle arthroscopy6300 - 9500 $Enquire price
Bioelectric prostheses of the upper limbs45 000 - 50 000 $Enquire price
Scoliosis surgery42 000 - 49 000 $Enquire price
Stem cell therapy for arthrosis6 880 - 19 300 $Enquire price
Consultation of the orthopedist - traumatologist350 - 450 $Enquire price
Plastic surgery
Breast augmentation5 700 - 9400$Enquire price
Abdominoplasty6300 - 8300 $Enquire price
Liposuction6300 - 85 00$Enquire price
Bleforoplasty4 200 - 5300 $Enquire price
Face lifting10 300 - 15 900$Enquire price
Hair transplantation5 400 - 6 400 $Enquire price
Rhinoplasty6 350 - 7 400 $Enquire price
Replacing the lens (cataract treatment)5300 - 7500$Enquire price
Keratoplasty (corneal transplantation)8 300 - 9 400$Enquire price
Croslinking for 1 eye7 300 - 8 200 $Enquire price
I Lasik (2 eyes)4 200 - 5 500 $Enquire price
Eye prosthesis3 500 - 4 500$Enquire price
PRK Photorefractive keratectomy (for 2 eyes)4 800 - 5500 $Enquire price
Full diagnosis of epilepsy8 200 - 9 300 $Enquire price
Deep brain stimulation20 000 - 28 000 $Enquire price
Diagnosis and conservative treatment of multiple sclerosis2 300 - 3 900 $Enquire price
Parkinson's disease treatment2 100 - 3 600 $Enquire price
Patients' reviews
Diagnosis: Stomach cancer

When I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in Moscow, I thought that this was the end of my life. I did not know where to go, what to do? After a brief search of information on the Internet, I decided to contact the Israeli clinic “Rambam”.  Price / result are just great!

Diagnosis: Pediatric Diagnostic

Very convenient to get to hospital. Separately, a children’s center, which looks like a palace, is spacious and comfortable. Sea is near.

Diagnosis: Heart disease

Hello! People often don’t believe in miracles, now I believe. Our daughter, 3 years old, was diagnosed a heart disease. I began to look for solutions, my colleague advised me to contact RAMBAM Medical Center (mother-in-law was treated there). We did not have to think for a long time, collected all the money and went. My daughter was immediately sent for a diagnosis and then an urgent operation. The operation lasted 8 hours. The operating doctor came out – All is well, will live !!! Now our princess is growing and enjoying life. RANBAM is a place where people believe in life.

Diagnosis: Breast cancer

I want to share my diagnostic experience in Rambam. There was a suspicion of breast cancer. It was necessary to confirm the diagnosis. I sent them a request on January 2. They said how the process of organizing treatment works. After 3 days I got a call from the clinic. A week later, i had the first consultation of the mammologist Droma. The total price for all came out to $ 5,500. All diagnostics took 3 days. Then 5 more days I waited for the results of the biopsy. As a result, there was another meeting where the diagnosis was confirmed. But now I know exactly what and how to treat me! But I have an initial stage and no metastasis. There is hope for a cure.

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Трансфер из / в аэропорт
Помощь с визой
Персональный ассистент
Бронь жилья и авиабилетов
Проживание сопровождающего
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