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Medical specialties
About us
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Medical specialties
About us
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About Experts Medical


2000+ patients, that we helped

Experts Medical
This is doctor selection service, complete treatment arrangement and care for patients

Our services

Plastic surgery

History of success
Diagnosis: Hair transplant and bone necrosis
The first time Roman turned to Experts Medical for a hair transplant. A year later, when Roman experienced complications from covid, he returned for a joint operation due to necrosis of the hip bone.
— Roman
Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma
Thanks to the efforts of the doctors at the Memorial Clinic in Ankara, Sofia has been in complete remission for 2 years
— Sofia
Diagnosis: Scoliosis 4 degrees
In Istanbul, a unique operation was performed on Hava to restore the spine with scoliosis of the 4th degree.
— Hava
Diagnosis: Leukemia
Ivan underwent surgery and radiation therapy at the Emsey Clinic in Istanbul. His mother talks in detail about how they went through this path.
— Irina, Ivan's mother
Diagnosis: Neurofibromatosis
Successfully Performed Complicated Ankle Surgery at Academic Hospital Istanbul
— Sofia
Diagnosis: Thyroid nodules
Olga came to Ukraine from Kazakhstan for radiofrequency ablation of the thyroid gland. Despite the very reasonable cost, the operation went well and after 2 days Olga returned home. Now she is healthy!
— Olga
Diagnosis: Neoplasm of the abdominal cavity
Jewelry work was carried out to remove the tumor of the retroperitoneal space in the Memorial. The tumor was benign and the patient went home healthy.
Diagnosis: breast augmentation
Dr Erjan did a great job on breast augmentation. Diana was very pleased with the result.
— Diana
Diagnosis: Epispadias of the bladder
Feedback from Hussein`s father after bladder epispadias surgery at Memorial Hospital, Istanbul. The operation went very well. The patient is now fully recovered.
— Hussein


Our priorities
  • We love our work because it is important to us that people have a chance to be healthy again.
  • The patient comes first for us. In any situation, we always defend the interests of patients and achieve the best professional service for them.
  • Quality medicine should be available to everyone.

How do we care?
Help in treatment payment
We help with paperwork and communication with charitable foundations. Our patients have already received help in the amount of 17 867 310 UAH since 2018
Payment for treatment only to the clinic
All payment for treatment is done to the clinic after the patient's arrival. There are no overpayments.
Only verified doctors
We apply strict criteria for the selection of foreign doctors so that our patients are treated only by highly qualified doctors
Quick help
We will provide complete treatment arrangement in 3 hours in urgent cases
We are always in touch with patients
Caring support 24/7 at all treatment stages and during recovery.

Media about us

Why we are priceless?
We are official representatives of 70 clinics. Therefore, our patients do not pay for organizational services. We will help our patients to receive additional discounts on treatment and give them the opportunity to pay for the clinic's services at the expense of international funds.

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