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Hair transplantation

3-day all-inclusive program
in the premium clinic

Lifetime warranty

The clinic gives a lifetime guarantee for hair transplants

Hair transplantation with DHI and FUE methods

Currently, the DHI method is the gold standard for hair transplantation.

The DHI method is based on the simple idea of combining the moment of skin puncture and hair implantation in one short movement.

Modern equipment minimises the puncture area and increases accuracy to 0.6 - 0.7 mm.

Hair follicles for transplantation are often taken from the occipital part of the head because this part is the most resistant to loss and quickly recovers.

Due to this precision, the scalp heals in 2-3 days, leaving no transplant marks and preventing damage to other hair follicles. Patients can subsequently wear short haircuts and get the natural effect of natural hair growth.


  • Complete absence of scars and stitches;
  • Natural look
  • The percentage of hair loss is reduced to 2%
  • Only healthy hair follicles are used for grafting;
  • Recovery period is 3 days
  • the procedure can be combined with a pleasant vacation at the sea;
  • The procedure is almost painless as it is performed under local anesthesia

Photo before and after
Diagnosis: Hair transplantation

Used this service in January 2024. I was looking for a hair transplant clinic and you helped me a lot. Thank you so much! Very attentive manager Konstantin, who competently resolved all questions that arose. I am very satisfied.

Diagnosis: Hair transplant in Turkey

I would like to thank Dr. Vadim from the bottom of my heart for the work he did in good faith, for the time he spent, for his efforts and efforts. With his help, we went to Turkey for a hair transplant, and it’s too early to talk about the result, but Vadim’s work left only a positive impression. There is no doubt about the quality of the work – it is just on top!

Diagnosis: Hair transplant in Turkey

I used the services of Experts Medical and wanted a hair transplant in Turkey. Vadim, the coordinator, provided me with all the information and accompanied me online. I was provided with hotel, transfer, interpreter, after surgery medication. And good attitude, everyone is polite and professional. We keep in touch after the operation. I recommend, very professional team.

Diagnosis: Alopecia

I underwent a hair transplant. Many thanks to the doctor who did a very good job. The quality of the transplant is at the highest level. I would recommend this center to anyone who has doubts about the choice of good specialists. I’m sure you won’t regret it …

Diagnosis: Alopecia

I underwent a FUE transplant. It can be seen that the team has a lot of experience, the hair transplantation process was excellent. I recommend.

Diagnosis: Alopecia

I was very scared by the hair transplant. However, in the end, the transplant exceeded my expectations, I am delighted. The doctor constantly contacts me after the transplant. I am very grateful to all the team members. I would definitely recommend

Diagnosis: Alopecia

I was treated with prp and my hair has finally recovered. I am very grateful to the staff of the center.

Diagnosis: hair transplantation

My Hair transplantation DHI
I would like to start with the fact that I had a hair transplantation. By the DHI method. Everything was on a hight level from the begging. First of all, I had a call with a doctor, who told me everything what I need about surgery and answered for all of my questions. Than, I was met by a personal driver from the airport, settled in a hotel. The hotel included breakfast and 3 nights (as I checked usually in another clinics it includes only 2 nights). Also, I had a translator (personal manager) attached to me. Since the operation lasted 6 hours, I was fed. After that, they took me by taxi to the hotel (although it is 2 minutes away). They gave me a special pillow, hat, shampoo, pillows and instructions. The next day, a doctor washed my hair and checked my head. After being discharged, I was taken to the airport. I liked everything, I put 10 out of 5. Now I am waiting for the result of the transplant (at least 6-8 months). I hope that I will also be pleasantly surprised! I can safely recommend this clinic and doctor Oya Sisman!

Photo of clinic and hotel in Istanbul

Hair transplantation specialists
Oya Sisman
Hair Transplant Specialist
Work experience: 16

Oya Shishman performs 3500 – 4000 hair transplants per year.

More then 15 000 hair transplantation made her a great specialist in this field.

According to her,  only 8 patients out of 7000 needed to return for revision. Finally all patients are very satisfied with the aesthetic appearance and quality of the hair transplant

Oya Shishman uses the latest technology in hair transplant to achieve the most natural and aesthetic effect.

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Dr. Sait Bircan
Work experience: 10

Dr. Sait  Birkan, a hair transplant surgeon, is certified as a member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), which is a global non-profit medical association and a leading authority in the treatment and rehabilitation of hair loss.

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Video about clinic

Results of hair transplantation

Before transplantation

After 8-10 month

After 12 month

Program description

General information

Turkey (on the seaside)

Outpatient, 1 day

Hotel stay for 2 persons

Program includes

Hair transplant procedure

All pre-transplant medical tests and exams

Free accommodation

Free transfer

Russian language support

Day 1
  • Airport pickup
  • Checking into a hotel
  • Consultation with a hair transplant doctor

    Together with the doctor you will choose the most effective transplant technique, determine the hair growth line and the expected result. The doctor will mark the new hairline.

    The doctor will explain the procedure in detail and answer any questions you may have.
  • Medical support

    At the clinic, you'll undergo a physical and laboratory examination
    to make sure that your health condition allows you to undergo the procedure.

Day 2
  • Preparing for the procedure

    Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the surgeon will begin to take the donor follicles (grafts), and transfer them into a special container with a solution.
  • Hair transplantation

    During the procedure, many patients watch television, read, and sleep.

    After taking the grafts, the doctor will insert them into a special pen (choi pen),
    which will help to gently insert the grafts at the correct angle.
    This handiwork allows for the most natural look possible
    and increases the grafting rate by up to 99%.
    The duration of the procedure is 4-8 hours.

Day 3
  • Control after hair transplant

    The day after the procedure you will undergo a medical check-up and
    you will receive detailed instructions on how to care for your hair
  • Scalp washing procedures

    The doctor will give a special scalp wash and donate hair care products
  • Recovery period

    2 days after procedure:
    you may start a slight activity

    3 days after procedure:

    you may start working

    1 month after procedure:

    sports and bathing are allowed

All about hair transplantation in Turkey
Why is hair implantation considered effective in Turkey?

hair implantation in turkeyHair transplantation is a surgical method of getting rid of alopecia. It is the only effective way to restore hair in case of baldness. In the transplant process, healthy hair follicles are moved from areas of the head where hair is preserved to areas with baldness.

Hair transplantation is especially important for people suffering from various forms of alopecia, as it provides an opportunity to eliminate unaesthetic baldness. Surgery becomes the best solution when other treatment options, such as drug therapy, do not bring the desired result.

Turkey has established itself as one of the leading destinations for hair transplantation due to the combination of experienced specialists, modern technologies and democratic prices. Top hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer high quality services, making the procedure affordable and effective for patients from all over the world.

Why is the best hair transplant in Turkey?

hair implantation in turkeyFrom a professional point of view, the best hair transplant in Turkey can be considered for the following reasons:

  • Excellent aesthetic effect. Due to the use of innovative technologies, the final result is as natural as possible. Transplanted hair grows in the right direction, even with a close look at the hairstyle there is no suspicion that a transplantation was carried out. Also important is the fact that there are no scars after the operation.
  • Minimal healing time. Modern techniques (FUE, DHI) involve minimal damage to the scalp. Malotraumaticity of these procedures in reviews confirm those people who have already had hair implant in Turkey. Photos before and after procedures can be seen on this site.
  • The best world experience. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are modern medical facilities that use the same technology as in Germany, the USA or Israel. The equipment for transplantation is updated every 2-3 years: old samples are replaced by the newest ones. Doctors regularly undergo internships and improve their skills in the best plastic surgery clinics in the most developed countries.
  • Great practical experience of plastic surgeons. Turkey has the best hair transplantation – hundreds of thousands of patients who come to the country from all over the world are convinced. Therefore, doctors have constant practice, every day they hone their skills. Among doctors there are real stars of plastic surgery. For example, Oya Sisman, who heads the department of hair transplantation in the specialized plastic surgery clinic Istanbul Aesthetic.
  • The opportunity to combine changes in appearance with a vacation on the Turkish coasts. If the patient wishes, hair transplantation in Turkey can be combined with a vacation. For example, it is possible to spend leisure time in Istanbul first and then do the procedure. If the patient wants, Experts Medical consultants will help in organizing excursions or shopping.
  • Reasonable cost of hair transplantation in Turkey. Patients who decide to undergo the procedure will be pleasantly surprised by the prices. The operation can cost several times cheaper than in Western Europe or America. At the same time, hair transplant clinics in Istanbul offer all-inclusive packages.
What are the benefits of hair transplantation in Turkey in Istanbul?

hair implant in turkeyHair transplant clinics in Istanbul offer an all-inclusive service. Experts Medical sends foreign patients for alopecia treatment to those medical centers where the most advantageous package offers are available. They most often include:

  • consultation of a specialist (after analyzing the patient’s photo);
  • basic blood tests;
  • quality anesthesia;
  • hair implant in Turkey;
  • PRP-therapy to strengthen the grafts;
  • transfer and hotel accommodation for 3 nights.

The price for the best hair transplant in Turkey starts from €1750. It is about 50-70% cheaper than in other countries with developed medicine. Exclusively for patients of Experts Medical clinics make promotional offers, about which you can ask the coordinating doctor.

What are the reviews of hair transplantation in Turkey?

hair transplantation in turkeyPatients who have undergone hair transplantation in Turkey have reported successful results of their procedures in their reviews to Experts Medical coordinators. This means that no one required repeat operation.

After 6 months, people reported significant improvement in the condition of their hair. Despite the fact that the full cycle of renewal and strengthening is about a year, noticeable results can be appreciated much earlier than the final deadline.

As seen in the example of one of Dr. Sait Birkan’s patients, it was possible to make a haircut on the regrown hair after 8 months. The dense coverage of the balding area gave not only a more aesthetic appearance to the man, but also a pronounced rejuvenating effect. After all, beautiful thick hair is a sign of health and youth.


What are the features of DHI and FUE hair transplantation in Turkey?

DHI and FUE techniques are used to achieve the best results of hair transplant in Turkey. These are sutureless methods that do not require painful and long rehabilitation. They are used in the scalp area and for beard enhancement.


What is DHI hair implant in Turkey?

It is used in cases where the area of baldness is not very large. The essence of the technique is that with the help of a special pen (implanter pen) from the donor area is extracted one hair bulb, which is immediately transplanted into the area of baldness. The diameter of the implanter pen needle is very thin – about 0.6-1 mm. Due to this, the procedure is carried out with minimal traumatization. Such minor skin damage is healed after a couple of days, leaving no trace. Since only one follicle is extracted at a time, the doctor has the opportunity to plant it so that it remained maximally preserved and in the natural direction of hair growth. This is confirmed by those who have undergone hair transplantation in Turkey. Reviews of patients say that none of the surrounding people even guessed about the operation performed.


fue hair transplant in turkeyWhat is FUE hair transplantation in Turkey?

Even if the area of baldness is large, hair transplantation in Turkey using the FUE method is performed with minimal damage to the scalp. Using a special instrument, the doctor extracts hair follicles (grafts) from the back of the head and immediately transplants it into the area of hair loss. Sapphire tips allow very small tissue incisions, much smaller than with steel instruments. Due to this, no scars are left on the skin after the microcuts have healed. Follow-up care for up to two weeks is required for proper rehabilitation. After the FUE hair transplant procedure in Turkey, the density of the hair is restored. Hair begins to grow where there were noticeable areas of baldness.

Which hair transplant clinics in Turkey are worth applying to?

Experts Medical has been cooperating with leading medical centers in different countries for more than 8 years. We know very well how hair implantations are performed in Turkey and which specialists are the best to go to. Before offering a clinic to perform the surgery, Experts Medical inspects the clinic to find out if it has the necessary equipment and the level of service you want to receive. You will be able to read the doctors’ resumes, read reviews on hair transplantation in Turkey, see before and after photos of patients. We recommend not wasting time searching on the internet, but rather referring to our prepared database of proven masters who specialize in DHI and FUE hair transplants in Turkey.


What is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

The most popular among our patients is Istanbul Aesthetic, a specialized hospital for plastic surgery and hair treatment in Turkey. More than 1,000 transplants are performed in this clinic every year, so the doctors have a lot of experience and are trusted by new clients. Full package deals are available here for overseas patients at a competitive cost. This means that not only do you pay for the surgery, but you also get a whole package of services – the maximum of what is usually available for hair transplants in Turkey in Istanbul.

The best place in Turkey for hair transplants

It is important to foreign patients that hair implantations in Turkey are not only effective, but also not expensive and comfortable. Taking into account the needs of most people, Experts Medical has chosen to cooperate only with those clinics that combine the characteristics of the best places in Turkey for hair transplantation. Namely:

  • service that creates convenience for foreign guests;
  • quality assurance of procedures: availability of licensed equipment, certified doctors;
  • consultations with specialists before the patient arrives for hair transplantation in Turkey in Istanbul and after returning home;
  • additional hair treatment in Turkey, which can be included in the transplant program.
What do patients often ask about?

Tourists who regularly visit Turkish resorts pay attention to the appearance of the locals. Turkish hair looks healthy, thick and well-groomed. What is the secret?

The condition of hair in Turkey, along with a beautiful body, teeth and facial features is a kind of indicator of a person’s success. Therefore, many Turks use the opportunities of medicine in their country and also carry out procedures aimed at improving appearance. Therefore, Turkish doctors have initially gained a lot of experience in performing both hair and facial and body plastic surgery.


What preparation is needed for DHI or FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

The following preparation is recommended before either of these procedures:

  • inform the hair transplant specialist of any current medical problems as well as any medications you are taking;
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for a few days before the procedure as this can affect the healing process;
  • stop taking anticoagulants and anti-inflammatory medications one week before surgery (in consultation with your doctor);
  • do not cut your hair beforehand;
  • take laboratory tests that may be recommended by the doctor (this can be done when you arrive at the Turkish clinic).

When you meet with the specialist, discuss with him/her immediately your expectations: how thick you want your hair to be and outline the desired hair growth line.


What awaits me after a DHI or FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

Immediately after the hair transplant surgery, the patient will experience:

  • Minor discomfort. Pain after the procedure is usually mild to moderate. Painkillers will be prescribed to eliminate all unpleasant sensations.
  • The appearance of swelling in the forehead and around the eyes, which usually subsides within a few days.
  • Redness and sensitivity. The transplanted area and the donor area may be red and sensitive to the touch.

In the post-operative period, the patient will receive detailed instructions on how to care for their hair. The best hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide special cosmetics that gently cleanse and moisturize the scalp. In general, patients usually feel well and can continue most of their normal activities the day after surgery. Any restrictions will be voiced by the doctor at the consultation.


How will my hair grow after best DHI or FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

best hair transplant in turkeyAfter hair transplantation with either method, patients experience what is known as shock hair loss. This is a normal part of the recovery process.

The regrowth cycle after a DHI or FUE hair transplant in Turkey is roughly as follows:

  • A few weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair starts to partially fall off – about 5%. This is the body’s natural reaction to the trauma of the transplant and is not a cause for concern.
  • After 6 months, after the loss of hair, the process of their full growth from the transplanted follicles will begin.
  • The first noticeable results are usually achieved 3-4 months after surgery, when the new hair becomes stronger and thicker.
  • The final result of a hair transplant can be evaluated after 10-12 months, when the hair reaches its full density.
How to realize that it is time to get a hair transplant?

Baldness can be caused by a number of reasons. Among the common ones are stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, medications, hormonal disorders, heredity or diseases. Not always alopecia is irreversible: in some cases, conservative treatment is enough to restore growth and density. An experienced trichologist, having studied the anamnesis and research data, can recommend a course of therapy or apparatus procedures to revitalize the hair roots and scalp.

hair transplant in turkey reviewHair transplantation in Turkey may be the best solution for genetic predisposition to alopecia. If you have a family history of baldness or thinning of the scalp, it is likely that alopecia is hereditary. The first signs may be the loss of hair and its subsequent replacement by fine downy hairs, which then also fall out. For such patients, surgery can be a salvation, which will restore the hair.

If there are traces of mechanical trauma in the scalp area. In some cases, after head trauma or deep inflammation, scars and scars remain. In the scar tissue there are no hair follicles, so hair will not grow on these places. Hair follicle transplantation can correct this flaw and regrow hair around the scar and thereby close it.

Congenital imperfections of the hair growth line. Sometimes hair grows in such a way that even the strongest hair appears sparse, with the illusion of baldness. In some cases, the growth line is too high or uneven, and the patient feels discomfort because of this. A small correction by transplantation allows to equalize the hair growth line, and this can completely transform the appearance of the person.

How to undergo hair implantation procedure in Turkey?

To travel to Turkey for hair transplantation without any risks and difficulties, write to us or order a callback on the website. As soon as possible you will receive a call from an Experts Medical coordinating doctor. He will offer to send a photo of the area that needs restoration – to determine the scope of work, the choice of transplantation technique and to clarify the cost (the price depends on the number of transplanted grafts). With the information gathered, he will contact the Turkish doctors regarding the best method of surgery and the number of follicular units required for the transplant. With these steps, your individual program of support and organization of your trip to Turkey will begin.

Once the final price and arrival date have been agreed, you can start preparing for your trip to Turkey. Your physician-coordinator will be able to book your flight tickets, hotel room, and arrange airport transfers. Additionally, we can help arrange a sightseeing program to add to the experience of your hair transplant in Turkey in Istanbul.


Why is the best hair transplant in Turkey available to you with Experts Medical?

A physician-coordinator will guide you through the entire treatment process: starting with finding the right specialist, during the treatment itself, and even after you return home. We make sure that the doctor-coordinator will always be on call to provide you with the necessary support and answer your questions.

We respond promptly to all your queries and requests, ensuring a comfortable and safe stay at the hair transplant clinic in Turkey. The Experts Medical team cares about every aspect of your transformation, making the process easy and as carefree as possible for you.

Our coordination services are designed to ensure that your medical experience for the best hair transplant in Turkey is efficient and safe.


The material was checked and approved by Erica Igonina, a medical author at Experts Medical.