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About clinic

Istanbul Aesthetic Center is one of the best plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and dentistry centers in Turkey. The medical center specializes in treatment in the following areas:

  • plastic and aesthetic surgery;
  • reconstructive surgery;
  • non-surgical aesthetic procedures;
  • aesthetic dentistry.

The hospital was founded in 2014. It has the prestigious ISO 9001-2008 certificate, which confirms the quality of medical services and world-class services.

Istanbul Aesthetic is the benchmark of a modern clinic

The hallmark of Istanbul Aesthetic is the high professionalism of doctors, modern equipment, and advanced medical techniques. Thanks to this, many patients consider the clinic to be the best in Istanbul.

Advantages of the medical center:

  1. All surgical procedures are performed by experienced certified specialists. Surgeons undergo regular training in the world's leading centers. Many have international awards.
  2. Treatment is carried out according to modern protocols, high-quality materials, medicines, and instruments are used.
  3. The medical center closely follows the innovations in the world of plastic surgery and introduces advanced technologies in a timely manner.
  4. Doctors carry out 3D modeling before the procedures. The doctor photographs the face or body of the patient from different angles. After that, using a computer program, it recreates the image. Thanks to this, it is possible to see how the person will look after the operation and, if necessary, make changes before the operation.
  5. Most of the procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. The doctor provides the patient with postoperative monitoring and recommendations.
  6. The cost of services in the clinic is 20-30% lower than in Europe. At the same time, the level of quality and service is superior to some private hospitals in Europe.

One of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in Turkey, Dr. Ergin Er, works in Aesthetic Center. The doctor specializes in rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, and liposuction. He was trained in rhinoplasty and lipomodeling techniques at the American College of Surgeons.

Hair Transplantation in Istanbul Aesthetic

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular procedures in the clinic. Every year, 1,800 transplants are carried out here. Hair transplantation is performed using 2 modern methods - FUE and DHI.

Patients who have already undergone the procedure note the rapid engraftment of the follicles, the absence of incisions and scars, and a natural result. Doctors use special sapphire instruments that allow for bloodless transplantation, minimizing the risk of damage to the bulbs. In addition, the transplantation of eyebrows, mustaches, and beards is carried out.

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul Aesthetic

Most requested procedures:

  1. Rhinoplasty. Particular attention is paid to 2 factors: providing a passage for the patient's breathing and obtaining a natural result.
  2. Rhytidoplasty is a facelift. The doctor removes sagging skin through an incision behind the ear, which is sewn up using modern technology. After that, there are no obvious traces left.
  3. Mammoplasty. The surgeons of the center offer all kinds of procedures to solve various problems of patients: asymmetric breasts, small or large size, aesthetic defects, and absence of the mammary gland after mastectomy. Breast augmentation with implants is very popular. Specialists help the patient choose the appropriate implant option that will be in harmony with the body structure and meet her wishes. The operation is performed through a small incision around the nipple. An important feature is the integrity of the milk ducts. Therefore, the procedure does not affect breastfeeding.
  4. Liposuction. Body sculpting is performed using the 360 VASER method approved by the FDA. The surgeon removes excess fat in the midsection of the body without damaging healthy tissue. If necessary, fat can be used for plastic surgery of the face or other parts of the body.

The following operations are also popular among foreign patients: eyelid surgery, auricle correction, Brazilian buttock surgery, and genital plastic surgery for women and men. Every year, each surgeon of the medical center performs about 350 breast augmentation surgeries.

Modern Dentistry in Istanbul Aesthetic

Istanbul Aesthetic dentists will painlessly, quickly, and safely help the patient get rid of all congenital and acquired problems. Here, they perform:

  • treatment of teeth and gums of any complexity;
  • installation of braces, veneers, and implants;
  • teeth whitening.

The Hollywood Smile procedure is popular among foreign patients. To achieve the ideal result, doctors conduct 3D modeling, taking into account the anatomy of the face and the wishes of patients.

Specialists use only safe certified fillings, implants, and veneers from the world's leading manufacturers, mostly porcelain and zirconium.

Living Conditions for International Patients at Istanbul Aesthetic

Every year, 5,500 patients from different countries come to Istanbul Aesthetic. The staff makes a lot of efforts to make the stay of patients comfortable and safe. For this purpose, a department for analyzing patient satisfaction has been specially created.

Accommodation for foreigners is organized in comfortable rooms, including VIP. The advantage is the possibility to accommodate accompanying persons (family members).

Many patients prefer to stay in a 5-star hotel close to the clinic. This allows them to devote their free time to tourism.

The best specialties of the hospital

Photo Before and After

Hair transplant


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)


Doctor Oya Şişman

Hair transplant

Doctor Oya Şişman

Hair transplant

Doctor Oya Şişman

Hair transplant

Doctor Oya Şişman

Hair transplant

Doctor Oya Şişman

Hair transplant

Doctor Ergin Er


Doctor Ergin Er


Doctor Ergin Er


Content 18+


Doctor Ergin Er

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Content 18+


Doctor Ergin Er

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Content 18+


Doctor Ergin Er

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Doctor Ergin Er


Content 18+


Doctor Ergin Er


Doctor Ergin Er


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Patients reviews
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Diagnosis: Breast surgery

I visited the Istanbul Aesthetic Center for breast-enlargement surgery and I can definitely recommend it. Doctor Ergin Er performed a surgery. He is very competent and answers all questions. After the surgery, only 10 days passed but I am already very pleased with the result. The trip from Zurich to Istanbul is definitely worth it.

Diagnosis: Rhinoplasty

I came here for rhinoplasty, and Gurkhan Ozkan Hok did everything in the best possible way! I am very pleased and glad that I entrusted my health to your hands. Many thanks to your team!

Diagnosis: Rhinoplasty

Many thanks for the excellent service and warm welcome. I would recommend this clinic to everyone. Thanks to the staff for the help and support.

Diagnosis: Hair transplantation

A very professional team. They know exactly what they are doing. Hygiene at the highest level. Prices are proportional to the market, but the quality of the service is much higher. I am very pleased with my new hairstyle and thankful for such an attentive attitude.

Diagnosis: Ears and nose surgery

Hello! I had ears and nose plastic surgery. It was my dream, I wanted for a long time and finally decided. At first I was very unsure, but the doctor dispelled all my fears. I would like to thank my doctor and the whole team! Thank you!

Diagnosis: Breast augmentation

I want to express my deep gratitude Experts Medical, especially dear Natalia for your professionalism, attentiveness, literacy, kindness and responsiveness. I am extremely glad that I turned to your wonderful company, you were always in touch, always available – any questions, any tasks, you helped in everything!!! It’s amazing, with such a big time difference of 8 hours between our countries, you always found answers to my questions at any time.
Thank you very much for your invaluable advice on choosing the right clinic, and the doctor who made my dreams come true!!!! All at the highest level!!!!!

Diagnosis: Hair transplantation

My Hair transplantation DHI
I would like to start with the fact that I had a hair transplantation. By the DHI method. Everything was on a hight level from the begging. First of all, I had a call with a doctor, who told me everything what I need about surgery and answered for all of my questions. Than, I was met by a personal driver from the airport, settled in a hotel. The hotel included breakfast and 3 nights (as I checked usually in another clinics it includes only 2 nights). Also, I had a translator (personal manager) attached to me. Since the operation lasted 6 hours, I was fed. After that, they took me by taxi to the hotel (although it is 2 minutes away). They gave me a special pillow, hat, shampoo, pillows and instructions. The next day, a doctor washed my hair and checked my head. After being discharged, I was taken to the airport. I liked everything, I put 10 out of 5. Now I am waiting for the result of the transplant (at least 6-8 months). I hope that I will also be pleasantly surprised! I can safely recommend this clinic and doctor Oya Sisman!

Diagnosis: Breast augmentation with teardrop implants

First and Foremost I’m a paranoid American who did a ton of research and luckily stumbled onto this perfect place. I decided to get a breast lift with implants and a rhinoplasty at the same time and when I contacted this center, the response via WhatsApp was immediate. My coordinator Yasin is the best of the best. He answered all of my questions and concerns and never once seemed annoyed. His English is beyond perfect! The entire experience was seamless. Airport pickup straight to hotel. Hotel rooms were clean and staff accommodating and walking distance to clinic. Maybe 3-4 minutes. My surgeon was Dr. Er, who I will say is the kindest and most professional doctor I have met in a long time. As nervous as I was, he was always reassuring me that everything would be fine. The Clinic itself was immaculate, sterile, and welcoming. The night after I was released from the clinic, I ended up with a slight fever- called Yasin right away and they came within minutes to take me to clinic. Kept me on fluids overnight and constantly checked my blood to make sure I was ok. The care I received here is much better than the hospital care here in New York. Impressive. As far as the surgery, the doctor listened to what I wanted and made his suggestions. It’s been 3 weeks post op. Bruising was gone from my face few days after. I feel great. Full results will be visible in 3 months but so far I’m quite happy. And just today I sent a message to Yasin asking about post op care and responds was once again immediate. Anyone who is looking for a professional, friendly, clean aesthetic center, look no further. I will most definitely be back. Thank you Dr. Er and thank you Yasin!!!!

Diagnosis: rhinoplasty

Came all the way from Liverpool UK to have my nose done, couldn’t recommend enough the nurses & doctors was all so friendly and helpful. So professional and clean.

Diagnosis: rhinoplasty

Hi, I am from the Caribbean island of sxm, I am a student and I also work full-time. I was so scared at first, but I did it anyway! I had my first surgery in February 2021. I had a rhinoplasty, which costs me a total of 3500 euros. I loved my result from the very first look… Mr. Yasin and Mrs. Sebnem are ones of the nice’s human being that I have ever met and the world needs more of them. They made sure that everything was done correctly from the booking and follow-up to my surgery. Mrs. Sebnem was my translator she is just great and very helpful And Mr. Yasin is the manager and he is awesome at what he do us clients are very happy with him. I don’t know how they both manage to give us clients all of this attention, hospitality and informations and care. They made sure to follow up with me till I reach back home safely. And my dream came true with the help of God of course and the Istanbul Aesthetic center and its teams. I will be commenting on my final results after my six-month mark I will let yall in on it 🙂 chat soon peace and love bye!

Diagnosis: mammoplasty

The clinic is super, exceeded all expectations!! The interruption was super comfortable, the care of the nurses was super, they definitely know their stuff!!! Chamber deserves a rating of 1000 out of 10! Super spacious, super clean, everything was super comfortable, I love it! What can I say about the doctor. Doctor Yergin Yer is very friendly, smiling and inviting. But super little communication with the doctor. There is almost no consultation with a doctor. It was not enough consultation and communication with the doctor itself. But since I understood what I was getting into and learned on my own everything that would happen to me and understood what I wanted – I had very short questions and everything happened very quickly. The doctor himself practically did not ask anything and made my breasts as he considered it necessary, that is, at his own discretion. The chest came out super naturally, I’m honestly in a pleasant shock! It could have been made even less natural. The staff met all expectations. Super cool nurses, helped with absolutely everything. They brought tea, turned on / off the light, helped put on all the piercings because after the operation I could not do it myself, helped me walk down the corridor after the operation, at any moment when it hurts or something worries – they came at the first call. They brought water when asked. Helped with everything and more! From such nurses did not want to leave the hotel. If I was cold or hot, they instantly corrected this situation. In general, the care department is just super!

Diagnosis: Mastopexy (breast lift)

Hello everyone, my name is Daniela, I’m from Italy. I have this experience with my son. I had a mastopexy operation and my son had a rhinoseptoplasty, which was operated on by Dr. Ergin Er. The staff is amazing, very professional and friendly!

I highly recommend them! Thank you all!

Diagnosis: facelift surgery

Dr. Konstantin has been great in coordinating my mom’s facelift surgery. He communicated with us in all hours of the day and night. He addressed all of our concerns and gave us great advice when we asked for a recommendation. He negotiated rates on our behalf and helped us arrange for transportation when the surgeon’s team pushed back on some of their promises to us. Our experience could have been much worse.

Thanks Dr. Konstantin

Review written in Experts Medical profile on Trustpilot

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Treatment programs in Turkey
Rhinoplasty Package, Istanbul Aestetic Center
Doctor: Ergin Er
Length of stay: 7 days
3300 $

Experience of Dr. Ergin Er: 30 years


Rhinoplasty package includes:
  • Examinations: pre-operative and post-operative
  • Hospitalization: 1 day
  • Accommodation: 6 nights in a 4* hotel
  • Rhinoplasty surgery
  • All consumables and bandages: included
  • Final consultation and revision of sutures: included
  • Transfer: Airport – Hotel – Clinic
  • Translator’s assistance: Yes


*The cost of the package may change upwards if there have been previous surgeries, deviated septum or nasal breathing problems.

*The final cost of the program is calculated based on the individual situation of the patient
Breast Augmentation Package Istanbul Aestetic Center
Doctor: Gurhan Ozcan
Length of stay: 8 days
3600 $

Experience of Prof. Gurhan Ozcan: 22 years.


Package includes:
  • Examinations: preoperative and postoperative
  • Hospitalization: 1 day
  • Accommodation: 7 nights in a 4* hotel
  • Breast augmentation surgery
  • All consumables and bandages: included
  • Implants: Mentor**
  • Compression underwear: included
  • Final consultation and suture revision: included
  • Transfer: Airport – Hotel – Clinic
  • Translator’s assistance: Yes


**The cost of the package may change upwards if there have been previous surgeries or if a breast lift is required.

**Cost is for round implants. Anatomical (drop-shaped) + 500 EUR to the price

*The final cost of the program is calculated based on the individual situation of the patient
Blepharoplasty Package, Istanbul Aestetic Center
Doctor: Gurhan Ozcan
Length of stay: 5 days
3000 $

Experience of Prof. Gurhan Ozcan: 22 years.


Package includes:
  • Examinations: preoperative and postoperative
  • Hospitalization: 1 day
  • Accommodation: 4 nights in a 4* hotel
  • Blepharoplasty surgery
  • All consumables and dressings: included
  • Final consultation: included
  • Transfer: Airport – Hotel – Clinic
  • Translator’s assistance: Yes


*Package price is indicated for circular blepharoplasty. Upper/lower blepharoplasty – 2700EUR.

*The final cost of the program is calculated based on the individual situation of the patient
Cost of diagnostics and operations
Plastic surgery
Breast augmentation 2500 - 3000$ Enquire price
Breast augmentation with lifting 2700 - 3100$ Enquire price
Abdomenoplasty 2950 - 3500$ Enquire price
Liposuction 1800 - 2200$ Enquire price
Blephoroplasty 1250 - 1800 $ Enquire price
Face lifting 3700 - 5000$ Enquire price
Hair transplantation 1600 - 1950$ Enquire price
Rhinoplasty 2000 - 3000 $ Enquire price
Zirconium crowns 330$ Enquire price
Veneers 340$ Enquire price
Implants 650$ Enquire price
Best clinic's doctors
Prof. Gurkhan Ozkan
Plastic surgeon
Work experience: over 35 years

American Society of Plastic Surgery Research Awards.

Specializes in plastic surgery:

  • nose surgery;
  • liposuction;
  • face and neck lift;
  • plastic surgery of eyelids, chest and abdomen.

Founding Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Baskent University.


  • Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (TSAPS);
  • European Association of Plastic Surgeons (ESPRAS);
  • European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS).
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Doctor Oya Sisman
Hair transplant specialist
Work experience: over 25 years

Dr. Oya Sisman is one of the best hair transplant specialists in Turkey. At the moment, she is the head of the hair transplant department at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic Istanbul.

During her clinical practice, the doctor has performed more than 2800 FUE hair transplants.

The professionalism of the doctor is known not only in Turkey, but also far beyond its borders. She has successfully performed hair transplants on several Arab royalty.

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Doctor Ergin Er
Plastic surgeon
Work experience: over 26 years


  • breast enlargement;
  • closed and open rhinoplasty;
  • liposuction;
  • abdominoplasty;
  • facelift.


  • Winner of the 22nd Turkish National Congress of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (2000).
  • Winner of the 23rd Turkish National Congress of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (2001).
  • Winner of the scientific competition of the Medical School of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hacettepe University, Turkey (2004).
  • Winner of the research competition of the International Society of Reconstructive Surgery, Canada (2004).


  • Member of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS);
  • Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS);
  • Member of the American Society of Liposuction Surgery (AALS).
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Dr Ece Kalafatlar
Plastic surgeon
Work experience: over 10 years
  • Member of the Society for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of the Association of Aesthetic Surgery


  • Basic Microsurgery Course at Istanbul Medeniyet University – 2016
  • Eurasian 2018 ISAPS Course and 10th International Eurasian Aesthetic
    Plastic Surgery Course
  • Eurasian 2017 9th International Eurasian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Course and 5th Istanbul Advanced Rhinoplasty Course
  • Nazim Cerkes Open Rhinoplasty Live Surgery Course – 2018
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Ilker Manavbasi
plastic surgeon
Work experience: over 25 years

Dr. Ilker Manavbashi has developed two techniques to get a perfect nose in one operation.


  • Megaliposuction (more than 5 liters of degreasing);
  • BBL;
  • Functional aesthetic nose surgery;
  • breast prosthetics;
  • Deep facelift;
  • Eye contour rejuvenation surgery.


  • 1999 Ankara University Faculty of Medicine;
  • 2005 Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Reconstructive Surgery.


  • Istanbul Medical Chamber;
  • Turkish Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery;
  • Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery;
  • Rhinoplasty Society.
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Eileen Turan
Aesthetic dentistry
Work experience: over 11 years

Dr. Eileen Turan is a highly trained esthetic dentist specializing in whitening cosmetics, implants, porcelain fillings, laminated veneers, composites and metal ceramics.

She is a member of the Association of the Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

She has completed various courses related to cosmetic dentistry and graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Dicle University.

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Clinic on the map
Why do patients choose Istanbul Aesthetic?

Istanbul Aesthetic - Plastic Surgery ClinicIstanbul Aesthetic is a clinic of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and dentistry in Turkey.


  • a high rating;
  • 97% efficiency;
  • treats 5,500 patients annually;
  • the best plastic surgeons in Turkey work in this clinic;
  • high-tech equipment;
  • application of advanced technologies;
  • preliminary online consultation;
  • excellent service for foreign patients such as transfer, Russian-speaking translator, and city tours.

Istanbul Aesthetic Clinic has international awards and certificates such as EBOPRAS, TSAPS, ISHRS, and ISO 9001-2008.

The surgeons of the clinic offer the optimal solution to the problems of patients, taking into account the structural features of the body.

What surgeries are most in demand at Istanbul Aesthetic?

Istanbul Aesthetic Center offers the following services:

  • hair transplantation;
  • rhinoplasty;
  • aesthetic dentistry;
  • mammoplasty;
  • liposuction;
  • Brazilian butt lift and other services.
How are hair transplantation procedures carried out at İstanbul Aesthetic Clinic?

Istanbul Aesthetic: Hair Transplantation OperationsHair transplantation surgeries are a popular procedure at İstanbul Aesthetic. The hospital performs 1,800 transplantations annually. Surgeons use sapphire instruments. They minimize the risk of damage and increase the possibility of transplanting more grafts.

There are 2 main methods practiced.

  1. FUE transplantation. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area. They are treated with a special liquid at a certain temperature and injected into the area with baldness.
  2. Transplantation by DHI method. This is an improved FUE method. This is a direct hair transplantation, the most efficient technique. A special tool Choi Pen is used. Hair follicles are transplanted one by one without pain and with minimal pressure.

The advantages of these methods include:

  • no bleeding;
  • rapid engraftment of follicles;
  • no scars;
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • the most natural result.

Transplantation by the FUE method lasts 6-8 hours, and by the DHI method – 7-10.

The effectiveness of hair transplantation operations is 99%. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The result is visible in a year.

Hair transplantation is not only chosen by patients suffering from hair loss. This is a good chance to correct the hairline. Eyebrow and beard transplantations are also performed in the clinic.


What dental problems can be treated in Istanbul Aesthetic?

Istanbul Aesthetic: DentistryThe department of aesthetic dentistry is engaged in the restoration and elimination of various dental defects. The goal of dentists is to create a beautiful smile for the patient.

The most popular procedures include:

  • gingivoplasty;
  • teeth whitening;
  • periodontology;
  • installation of implants and veneers.

Doctors take into account absolutely all factors: age, gender, the shape of the face and lips, the structure and health of the gums, and the wishes of patients in order to achieve an impeccable result.

How are mammoplasty surgeries performed at İstanbul Aesthetic?

Doctors of the clinic carry out breast correction in accordance with the needs of patients. Various mammoplasty operations are performed:

  • breast augmentation with implants;
  • lift;
  • breast reduction.

The most popular procedure is breast augmentation. Modern breast implants Motiva Ergonomix are used.

Istanbul Aesthetic: MammoplastyAdvantages:

  • low probability of rupture;
  • minimal trauma during the operation;
  • maximum naturalness;
  • natural tactile sensations.

Every year, each surgeon in the Mammoplasty Department of Istanbul Aesthetic performs 350 operations.

When choosing the form of implants, the physique of the patient is taken into account.

She can choose the shape of the implant: a drop or a hemisphere.

Surgeons place the implant through a small incision around the areola of the nipples or through the crease under the breast. This ensures that there are no visible scars.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It lasts 1-2 hours. The recovery period is 1 month. During this time, you will need to wear compression stockings. The medical center offers mammoplasty to patients under the All Inclusive Standard program.

How is rhinoplasty performed at Istanbul Aesthetic?

Istanbul Aesthetic: RhinoplastyThe main indications for rhinoplasty are:

visible aesthetic defects of the nose;

difficulty breathing caused by trauma or structural abnormality.

The operation lasts 1-2 hours and is performed by experienced surgeons under general anesthesia.

After the operation, the patient stays in the hospital for 1 day under medical supervision and 7 days in the hotel. Full recovery is in a month.

The clinic has a program for revision rhinoplasty “All Inclusive”. It includes:

  • repeated rhinoplasty (revision);
  • consultation of a plastic surgeon;
  • consultation with an anesthesiologist;
  • blood tests;
  • medicines;
  • general anesthesia;
  • postoperative medications and bandages.

The department employs one of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey for rhinoplasty Ergin Er. Online consultation with him is available.

How is liposuction performed in Istanbul Aesthetic?

Before starting the liposuction procedure, 3D modeling is performed. The doctor takes a photograph of the patient and then recreates a computer model that shows how the person will look after the operation.

When performing liposuction, surgeons use the Vaser method. This is a modern minimally invasive way to get rid of excess fat.

The surgeon makes thin punctures in problem areas and inserts a probe there. Through it, with the help of a special apparatus, ultrasonic waves enter and split the adipose tissue, which turns into an emulsion. The doctor immediately pumps it out through thin cannulas using a vacuum.

Istanbul Aesthetic: LiposuctionBenefits of the Vaser method:

  • the ability to act immediately on two layers of adipose tissue;
  • vessels are not damaged;
  • no bleeding;
  • an additional effect is skin tightening;
  • fast rehabilitation;
  • unlikely complications.

Vaser liposuction is considered the safest.

It can be used on all areas of the face, body, and limbs. It lasts about 1-2 hours. It is performed under local anesthesia and sedation (light sleep), in some cases – under general anesthesia. The extracted fat, if necessary, is used to improve the shape of other organs (lipofilling): face, chest, and buttocks.


What are the features of Brazilian butt lift surgery in Istanbul Aesthetic?

Istanbul Aesthetic: Brazilian Butt LiftThe Brazilian butt lift procedure is very popular in the clinic. It allows getting tightened buttocks of a rounded shape.

Doctors of the clinic perform 2 types of butt lift. The choice depends on the weight and physique of the patient

  1. Preliminary liposuction. The surgeon collects excess fat from the abdomen or any other area of the body. Then it is cleansed and evenly transferred to the buttocks.
  2. With the help of implants, the dermal fillers. They are placed through a small incision under the buttocks. After healing and resorption of the sutures, the incision is invisible. The result is visible immediately.

The post-operative recovery period includes:

  • taking special preparations;
  • bandages for 5 days;
  • lymphatic drainage massage;
  • to minimize sitting within 2 weeks;
  • not to engage in active sports within 2-3 months;
  • to limit heavy lifting.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 2-3 hours. The patient is 1 night under the supervision of medical staff. Compression garments will need to be worn for 6 weeks.

How can I go for an operation in Istanbul Aesthetic?

Experts Medical: travel organizationExperts Medical is organizing a trip for treatment to foreign clinics.

Action algorithm includes:

  1. Call the numbers listed on the site or leave a text request.
  2. Get expert advice for free.
  3. Experts Medical promptly prepares a preliminary trip plan. It includes:
  • selection of a doctor according to your needs;
  • preliminary consultation with a doctor;
  • booking tickets;
  • an assistant who will assist you 24/7.

Experts Medical has been working in the field of organizing treatment abroad since 2016. It collaborates only with certified clinics. It enjoys an impeccable reputation among patients and the medical staff of clinics.