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Istanbul, Турция
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Marmara Medical Center was founded in November 2010. Located in Istanbul, it bears the status of the largest multidisciplinary medical institution in Turkey. The hospital is equipped at a high international level, there are 32 intensive care units, 26 ambulance units, and 26 planned treatment units. In total, the medical center accepts 658 patients for simultaneous inpatient treatment and provides emergency care around the clock. The staff of the Marmara University Hospital consists of 2,500 people, doctors and medical personnel working in 26 highly specialized departments: general and plastic surgery, oncology, cardiac surgery, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, dermatology, etc. Specialists of the clinic have achieved good success in the field of transplant surgery, storage of tissues, organs, and stem cells. More than 200 thousand patients from all over the world are diagnosed and receive high-quality inpatient or outpatient medical treatment. Today, thanks to the professionalism of the doctors and the well-equipped departments of Marmara, it is a serious competitor to Israeli clinics that are the best in the cancer treatment. Marmara University Hospital accepts for consultation and treatment of people from all over the world. For patients there are comfortable wards, English and Russian-speaking staff, and support during treatment.
Cost of diagnostics and operations
Medical consultation150 - 350$Enquire price
Remote second opinion250 - 360 $Enquire price
Coronary angiography1100 - 1950 $Enquire price
MRI350 - 700$Enquire price
CT with contrast350 - 500$Enquire price
Scintigraphy290 - 970 $Enquire price
Laboratory tests50 - 600 $Enquire price
Histology review200 - 500 $Enquire price
TrueBeam (Radiotherapy)4 500 - 7000 $Enquire price
Cyber Knife (Radiation Therapy) 2500 - 5000 $Enquire price
High-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow transplantation34000 - 37700 $Enquire price
Chemotherapy1300 - 4500 $Enquire price
Tumor biopsy500 - 2500 $Enquire price
Bone marrow biopsy800 - 900 $Enquire price
Histology review200 - 500 $Enquire price
Remote second opinion250 - 360 $Enquire price
Mastectomy3300 - 8000 $Enquire price
Immunotherapy50 000 - 150 000 $Enquire price
Removal of cervical tumors12000 - 18000 $Enquire price
(Transurethral resection of the prostate) TUR5300 - 6500 $Enquire price
Autologous bone marrow transplant28000 - 35000 $Enquire price
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (related donor)40 000 - 50000 $Enquire price
Allogeneic bone marrow transplant (unrelated donor)60000 - 70000 $Enquire price
Bone marrow biopsy800 - 900 $Enquire price
High-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow transplantation34000 - 37700 $Enquire price
Coronary angiography1100 - 1950 $Enquire price
Coronary stenting6000 - 9 000 $Enquire price
Coronary artery bypass surgery9 000 - 12 000$Enquire price
Heart valve replacement16 00 - 20 000 $Enquire price
ECG50 - 150 $Enquire price
Heart MRI400 - 700 $Enquire price
Consultation of a cardiologist130 - 350 $Enquire price
Surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia6000 - 15 000$Enquire price
Brain MRI300 - 700 $Enquire price
Brain tumor removal12 000 - 25 300$Enquire price
Removal of spinal cord tumor5 500 - 16 000$Enquire price
Lumbar discectomy7000 - 9130 $Enquire price
Hip replacement5000 - 9000 $Enquire price
Knee replacement4500 - 7000 $Enquire price
Ankle arthroscopy3000 - 5000 $Enquire price
Conservative treatment of scoliosis4000 - 5000 $Enquire price
Scoliosis surgery5500 - 10000 $Enquire price
Stem cell therapy for arthrosis2980 - 25000 $Enquire price
Consultation of the orthopedist150 - 250 $Enquire price
Scintigraphy350 - 700 $Enquire price
Plastic surgery
Breast augmentation2500 - 3000$Enquire price
Breast augmentation with lifting3000 - 3500$Enquire price
Abdominoplasty1000 - 2500 $Enquire price
Liposuction2500 - 3000$Enquire price
Bleforoplasty1500 - 2000 $Enquire price
Face lifting5000 - 7000$Enquire price
Hair transplantation1100 - 1650$Enquire price
Rhinoplasty2650 - 3000 $Enquire price
Replacing the lens (cataract treatment)1000$Enquire price
Keratoplasty (corneal transplantation)4000 - 8000$Enquire price
Croslinking for 1 eye1900 - 2500 $Enquire price
I Lasik (2 eyes)950 - 1400 $Enquire price
Eye prosthesis900 - 1500$Enquire price
PRK Photorefractive keratectomy (for 2 eyes)1300 - 1500 $Enquire price
Obstetrics Gynecology
Childbirth2000 - 3000 $Enquire price
IVF3500 - 5 300 $Enquire price
Full diagnosis of epilepsy1500 - 5000 $Enquire price
Deep brain stimulationEnquire price
Treatment of multiple sclerosisEnquire price
Parkinson's disease treatmentEnquire price
Patients' reviews
Diagnosis: Infertility

I found out about my diagnosis, which could lead to infertility, unexpectedly. Doctors did not give great hopes, but I so wanted to be a mother in the future. I heard from my friend about the Istanbul Marmara clinic and decided to send my extracts and conclusions. What was my surprise, when in the online consultation the doctor told me about the chance to recover and invited me for examination and treatment. Of course, the course of therapy took time, but I was pleased with the results, because a few years later, without any difficulty, I became a mommy. Thank you very much to the clinic’s specialists.

Diagnosis: Oncology

I want to thank surgeon Mustafa Yuksel, specialists of the oncology department, as well as all the nurses, for all that they have done for me. The high-level operation allowed me to get rid of the oncological diagnosis and undergo a quick rehabilitation course. I am glad that I left my choice at the Marmara University Hospital and didn’t disappoint in it.

Diagnosis: Pancreatic cancer

I had a pancreas operation in 2018. Great thanks to my dear doctors from the General Surgery Service and his team. I am healthy now, thanks to yours dedicated work.

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Best clinic's doctors
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yuksel
Cardiothoracic surgeon
Work experience: 42 years

Specialty: Chest wall and cardiovascular surgery, pectus deformities. Chairman of the Department of Thoracic Surgery and Professor of the Medical Faculty. He is inventor of the minimally invasive restoration of the pectus, “Nuss Procedure”. Membership of Scientefic Organisations: Turkish Surgical Association, Turkish Thoracic Society, The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery  Surgery (EACTS). Founder and director of the International Association for Chest Surgery (CWIG). He wrote several textbooks and chapters on thoracic surgery.

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Prof. Dr. Ender Dulundu
Cardiothoracic surgeon
Work experience: 20 years

Specialty: liver surgery, bile duct and pancreas surgeries, oncology surgery. Performs liver transplantation operations.


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Prof. Dr. Bulent Erol
Orthopedic traumatologist
Work experience: 22 years

Specialty: orthopedic oncology, arthroplasty and pediatric orthopedics. Membership of Scientific Organizations: Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Society (TOTBID), European Pediatric Orthopedics Society (EPOS), European Musculoskeletal Tumors Society (EMSOS).

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Prof. Dr. Selim Izbir
Cardiаc surgeon
Work experience: 25 years

Specialty: aorta surgery, mitral valve repair, minimal invasive cardiac surgery, coronary by-pass surgery, peripheral artery surgery. Membership of Scientific Associations: Turkish of Cardiovascular Surgery Foundation, Turkish Vascular Surgery Foundation, American Association for Thoracic Surgery.

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Prof. Dr. Ilker Tinay
Urologic oncologist
Work experience: 15 years

Specialty: urologic oncology, minimal invasive surgery. Membership of Scientific Foundations: European Association of Urology (FEBU), Urooncological Foundation Bladder tumors Working Group Secretary.

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Prof. Dr.Tunc Lacin
Work experience: 17 years

Specialty: lung cancer, thoracoscopic surgery, esophagus cancer, mesothelioma, thymus surgery, trachea and endobronchial tumors (resection and stent place ment).

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Бронь жилья и авиабилетов
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