Gachon University Gil Medical Center

Медицинский центр Гиль при университете Гачон (Южная Корея)
Incheon, Южная Корея
4.8(5 reviews)
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JCI American Medical Facility Accreditation
JCI American Medical Facility Accreditation
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Gachon University Gil Medical Center is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides medical care according to international standards. Currently, the medical center includes five hospitals, six specialized institutions, and two research institutes. The clinic has more than 30 departments, 2,700 employees work in them, 250 of which are doctors. About 400,000 patients receive outpatient care here, about 1,000,000 patients undergo inpatient treatment and 90,000 address to the emergency department. Doctors performed 25,000 surgeries per year. New medical and diagnostic equipment, a combination of clinical practice and scientific base with success allow us to provide patients with the necessary medical care.
Cost of diagnostics and operations
Консультация специалиста200 - 400$Enquire price
Заочное второе мнение370$Enquire price
ПЕТ КТ2100 - 3500 $Enquire price
Коронарная ангиография5000 - 6500 $Enquire price
МРТ800 - 1500$Enquire price
КТ с контрастом600 - 1000$Enquire price
Лабораторные исследования50 - 1000 $Enquire price
Пересмотр гистологии300 - 1000 $Enquire price
Кибер нож (Лучевая терапия) 9 000 - 13 000 $Enquire price
Протонная терапия55 570 - 64 000 $Enquire price
Высокодозная химиотерапия с пересадкой костного мозга 77000 - 130 000 $Enquire price
Химиотерапия6500 - 9300 $Enquire price
Биопсия опухоли внутренних органов7500 - 12 000 $Enquire price
Пересмотр гистологии300 - 1000 $Enquire price
Заочное второе мнение370 $Enquire price
MIBG4000 - 5500 $Enquire price
ПЕТ КТ2100 - 3500 $Enquire price
Мастэктомия12000 - 14 800 $Enquire price
Иммунотерапия60 000 - 256 000 $Enquire price
Роботизированная система Да Винчи17800 - 23 500 $Enquire price
Удаление опухоли шейки матки12000 - 18000 $Enquire price
(Трансуретральная резекция простаты) ТУР 12 000 - 17 500 $Enquire price
Пересадка костного мозга аллогенная ( родственный донор) 174 000 - 271000 $Enquire price
Биопсия костного мозга5000 - 7500 $Enquire price
Высокодозная химиотерапия80 000 - 93 000 $Enquire price
ПЕТ КТ2100 - 3500 $Enquire price
Коронарная ангиография3800 - 6700 $Enquire price
Коронарное стентирование15 000 - 18 300 $Enquire price
Аорто-коронарное шунтирование21 000 - 24 000$Enquire price
Замена клапана сердца23 200 - 26 700 $Enquire price
МРТ сердца800 - 1500 $Enquire price
Консультация кардиолога380 $Enquire price
Хирургическое лечение межпозвоночной грыжи 15 300 - 17 500$Enquire price
МРТ головного мозга800 - 1500 $Enquire price
Удаление опухоли головного мозга23 300 - 27 500 $Enquire price
Поясничная дискэктомия 10 500 - 14 130 $Enquire price
Замена тазобедренного сустава12 300 - 16 900 $Enquire price
Замена коленного сустава10 400 - 13 100 $Enquire price
Артроскопия голеностопного сустава6300 - 9500 $Enquire price
Биоэлектрические протезы верхних конечностей45 000 - 50 000 $Enquire price
Операция при сколиозе42 000 - 49 000 $Enquire price
Терапия стволовыми клетками при артрозе6 880 - 19 300 $Enquire price
Консультация ортопеда - травматолога 350 - 450 $Enquire price
Пластическая хирургия
Увеличение груди5 700 - 9400$Enquire price
Абдоминопластика6300 - 8300 $Enquire price
Липосакция6300 - 85 00$Enquire price
Блефоропластика4 200 - 5300 $Enquire price
Лифтинг лица10 300 - 15 900$Enquire price
Пересадка волос 5 400 - 6 400 $Enquire price
Ринопластика6 350 - 7 400 $Enquire price
Замена хрусталика (лечение катаракты)5300 - 7500$Enquire price
Кератопластика ( пересадка роговицы)8 300 - 9 400$Enquire price
Крослинкинг за 1 глаз7 300 - 8 200 $Enquire price
I Lasik (2 глаза)4 200 - 5 500 $Enquire price
Протез глаза3 500 - 4 500$Enquire price
PRK Фоторефракционная кератэктомия ( за 2 глаза)4 800 - 5500 $Enquire price
Акушерство Гинекология
Роды3 500 - 5 200 $Enquire price
ЭКО9 065 - 10 500 $Enquire price
Полная диагностика эпилеписии и консервативное лечение8 200 - 9 300 $Enquire price
Глубокая стимуляция мозга20 000 - 28 000 $Enquire price
Диагностика и консервативное лечение рассеяного склероза2 300 - 3 900 $Enquire price
Диагностика болезни Паркинсона2 100 - 3 600 $Enquire price
Patients' reviews
Ainagul Beisembaeva

Very good clinic! Doctors are professionals in their field!!!


Very good clinic!!!! Just came from there. I liked everything, highly qualified specialists who know their business. I recommend it to everyone!!!

Longhorn Long
Diagnosis: Radiculopathy

I had a backache. After the consultation, the doctors recommended surgery. Then I went through rehabilitation, and now I feel better and better. The nurses were kind to me. And after two days I was dismissed from the clinic.

Jeon Young-ho

The hospital is clean, everything is neat inside. The staff is very friendly.

Kelly Sue Jin
Diagnosis: Breast examination

The doctor was very kind during a breast biopsy, explained to me everything he was going to do before starting. I was pleased.

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Best clinic's doctors
Professor Back Jeong Heum
Surgeon, oncologist
Work experience: 28

Membership: Korean Surgical Society, Korean Society of Coloproctology, Korean Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons, American Society of Colonorectal Surgeons, Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia, Korean Association of Cancer, Korean Society of Clinical Oncology. Author of more than 100 scientific publications in periodicals. Member of the Korean Colorectal Cancer Chemotherapy Research Group.

Contact doctor
Sim Jae Ang
Orthopedist, traumatologist
Work experience: 22

Membership: Korean Orthopedic Association, Korean Fracture Society, Korean Society of Knee Surgery, Korean Society of Arthroscopy, Korean Society of Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Korean Society of Traumatology. Reviewer: Journal of the Korean Society of the Knee Joints, Journal of the Korean Society of Fractures, Journal of the Korean Orthopedic Association. 2010 Best Work Award, Korean Arthroscopy Society. 2011 Best Work Award, Korean Knee Society.

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Professor Sim Sun Jin
Hematologist, oncologist
Work experience: 20

Membership: European Society of Medical Oncology, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Korean Association of Internal Diseases, Korean Cancer Association, Korean Association of Clinical Research. Member of the Korean Cancer Research Group. Member of the Korean Council for Internal Medicine, the Korean Council for Hematology-Oncology.

Contact doctor
Doctor of Medicine Ya Ki Dong
Cardiologist, Internal Medicine Specialist
Work experience: 24

Membership: Korean National Council for Medical License. Member of professional national and international communities. Author of about 100 scientific articles and textbooks.

Contact doctor
Professor Kim Woo Kyung
Work experience: 28

Director: Korean Society of Neurotraumatology, Korean Neurosurgical Society. Academic Vice-Chairman of the WFNS (World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies). General Auditor and Director of the Korean Spine Neurosurgery Society. Membership: Korean Society of Spinal Arthroplasty, Korean Society of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery. Expert consultant of the Korean Corporation for Labor Protection. The author of textbooks, chapters in books, etc.

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Lee Kwang Bom
Work experience: 22

Author of about 30 scientific publications.

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Трансфер из / в аэропорт
Помощь с визой
Персональный ассистент
Бронь жилья и авиабилетов
Одноместная палата
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