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CeGaT genetic laboratory
Tubingen, Германия
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German certificate of accreditation and information technology standards
German certificate of accreditation and information technology standards
College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation Certificate
College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation Certificate
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CeGaT is a global provider of clinical genetic diagnostics with offices in the USA and China. They offer a complete genetic tests panels. Our diagnostic portfolio contains tests for all medical areas (e,g. oncology , pediatrics, neurology, etc.). What makes CeGat different:
  • CAP, CLIA and ISO15189 certified company that take part in proficiency tests regularly (CAP and EMQN)
  • Each test is verified and signed by 4 medical specialists which eliminates the error probability.
  • Superb quality of analysis due to the technology and high experience of medical team.
  • free of charge second opinion: you can send us a summary of medical reports as the results of analyses (e.g. MRT, biochemistry etc.) and CeGat Diagnostic Board suggests you a test to be applied in your situation.
  • CeGat has a long list of publication on their web-site – they have active clinical and scientific activity.
Cost of diagnostics and operations
Medical genetic consultancy200 €Enquire price
Disease-related gene-sets875 - 1350 €Enquire price
Hereditary cancer
Colorectal Cancer 875 - 1200 €Enquire price
Gastric Cancer1200 €Enquire price
Cowden Syndrome875 €Enquire price
Pancreatic cancer1200 €Enquire price
Breast and Ovarian Cancer1200 - 1350 €Enquire price
Tumors of the Central Nervous System1200 €Enquire price
Renal cell carcinoma1200 €Enquire price
Prostate Cancer1200 €Enquire price
Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma1200 €Enquire price
Xeroderma pigmentosum 875 €Enquire price
Melanoma800 - 1200 €Enquire price
Somatic cancer
Breast and Ovarian Cancer BRCA 1 / BRCA 2600 - 900 €Enquire price
Tumor Immuno-Oncology Analysis (TMB and MSI)1950 €Enquire price
Somatic tumor panel for treatment decision support2950 €Enquire price
Lung carcinoma1000 €Enquire price
Colorectal carcinoma800 €Enquire price
Gastrointestinal stromal tumor800 €Enquire price
Breast-, ovarian- and pancreatic carcinoma800 €Enquire price
Glioblastoma 800 €Enquire price
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Dr. Saskia Biskup
Geneticist, researcher and bioinformatics
Work experience: 25

She is a Head of Praxis for Human Genetics and a member of Molecular Tumor Board in the University Clinic Tübingen. Her own research revolves around Parkinson’s disease, and the development of new biomarkers to enable early prediction of neurodegenerative diseases. She was awarded numerous international awards for her researches.

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Персональный ассистент
Бронь жилья и авиабилетов
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