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Институт здоровья Artemis
Gurgaon, Индия
4.3(4 reviews)
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JCI American Medical Facility Accreditation
JCI American Medical Facility Accreditation
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The Artemis Health Institute is a modern multi-profile medical center that meets international standards and is internationally accredited by JCI and NABH. It is located in the suburb of New Delhi in Gurgaon. Modern buildings, the latest equipment, advanced treatment methods, and experienced doctors allow the hospital to occupy a leading position in medicine in India. In Artemis, more than 400 doctors work on a regular basis who have extensive experience and international certification in various medical fields. Patients are always treated with an individual approach and care throughout their stay in the hospital. Hospital is designed for 550 beds, with all the necessary infrastructure. Here, not only residents of India but also foreign patients are treated in comfortable conditions.
Cost of diagnostics and operations
Консультация специалиста40 - 70 $Enquire price
Заочная консультация200 - 300 $Enquire price
ПЕТ КТ 670 $Enquire price
Коронарная ангиография 600 - 800 $Enquire price
МРТ1 110 $Enquire price
КТ с контрастом150 - 300 $Enquire price
Сцинтиграфия 290 - 410 $Enquire price
Лабораторные исследования20 - 400 $Enquire price
Пересмотр гистологии70 - 300 $Enquire price
Кибер нож (Лучевая терапия) 2000 - 3500 $Enquire price
Высокодозная химиотерапия с пересадкой костного мозга 24 000 - 28 000$Enquire price
Химиотерапия6 620 - 14 350 $Enquire price
Биопсия опухоли 250 - 1700 $Enquire price
Биопсия костного мозга500 - 700 $Enquire price
Пересмотр гистологии70 - 300 $Enquire price
Заочное второе мнение200 - 300 $Enquire price
Мастэктомия 2100 - 6000$Enquire price
Иммунотерапия21000 - 50 000 $Enquire price
Роботизированная система Да Винчи14000 - 18000 $Enquire price
Удаление опухоли шейки матки5 520 - 8 630 $Enquire price
(Трансуретральная резекция простаты) ТУР 6 520 - 9 280 $Enquire price
Пересадка костного мозга аутологическая25 380 $Enquire price
Пересадка костного мозга аллогенная ( родственный донор) 38 620 $Enquire price
Пересадка костного мозга аллогенная ( не родственный донор) 38 620 $Enquire price
Биопсия костного мозга 500 - 700 $Enquire price
Высокодозная химиотерапия с пересадкой костного мозга 24 000 - 28 000$Enquire price
Коронарная ангиография 440 - 770 $Enquire price
Коронарное стентирование 3 500 - 4 270 $Enquire price
Аорто-коронарное шунтирование5 110 - 7 710 $Enquire price
Замена клапана сердца 5 290 - 7 710 $Enquire price
ЭКГ20 - 70 $Enquire price
МРТ сердца300 - 500$Enquire price
Консультация кардиолога30 - 70 $Enquire price
Хирургическое лечение межпозвоночной грыжи6 620 - 9 380 $Enquire price
МРТ головного мозга 300 - 500$Enquire price
Удаление опухоли головного мозга9 380 - 12 690 $Enquire price
Удаление опухоли спинного мозга 11 580 - 15 550 $Enquire price
Поясничная дискэктомия 9 930 13 240 $Enquire price
Замена тазобедренного сустава4 360 - 5 800 $Enquire price
Замена коленного сустава 4 360 - 8 300 $Enquire price
Артроскопия голеностопного сустава1800 - 3500 $Enquire price
Консервативное лечение сколиоз3000 - 4000$Enquire price
Операция при сколиозе 3800 - 7500$Enquire price
Терапия стволовыми клетками при артрозе2980 - $Enquire price
Сцинтиграфия 290 - 410 $Enquire price
Пластическая хирургия
Увеличение груди3 310 - 6 620 $Enquire price
Увеличение груди с лифтингом2500 - 3000$Enquire price
Абдоминопластика 4 420 - 6 120 $Enquire price
Липосакция3 310 - 4 970 $Enquire price
Блефоропластика 2 760 - 6 620 $Enquire price
Лифтинг лица3 310 - 7 730 $Enquire price
Ринопластика3 010 - 4 970 $Enquire price
Замена хрусталика (лечение катаракты)1 360 $Enquire price
Кератопластика ( пересадка роговицы)3200 - 6700$Enquire price
Крослинкинг за 1 глаз 1100 - 2000$Enquire price
I Lasik (2 глаза)750 - 900 $Enquire price
Протез глаза900 - 1500$Enquire price
PRK Фоторефракционная кератэктомия ( за 2 глаза)800 - 1300$Enquire price
Акушерство Гинекология
Роды1300 - 2200$Enquire price
ЭКО6 550 - 7 020 $Enquire price
Полная диагностика эпилеписии 900 - 2500$Enquire price
Глубокая стимуляция мозга20 970 - 24 270 $Enquire price
Лечение рассеяного склероза400 - 2000 $Enquire price
Медикаментозное лечение болезни Паркинона500 - 1400 $Enquire price
Patients' reviews
Diagnosis: Epilepsy

Thank you for your prompt assistance! Very pleased with the result! The Artemis Clinic is great, the doctors are very competent!

Pratham Singh
Diagnosis: Knee surgery

This is one of the best hospitals in India. My mom had to be operated on. After a certain examination, analysis and consultation with a doctor, I had the confidence that we should perform the knee surgery especially in this clinic, replacing the knee joint for my mother.

Diagnosis: Hepatitis C

Everything went well! Waiting for the results of treatment!

Atuhire Arther

Good hospital, clean environment, and friendly staff with experts, but we did a lot of examinations. However, we appreciate your work.

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Best clinic's doctors
Doctor Murali Krishna
Work experience: 19 years

Membership: Indian Medical Association, Cardiological Society of India, American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, European Society of Cardiology, Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions, etc.

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Doctor Hari Goyal
Oncologist, hematologist
Work experience: 23 years

Over 30 national and international publications. Awards: Triveni Ratna, awarded by the Member of Parliament Shri Mahabal Misra; Unnat Bharat Seva, awarded by the Minister of Agriculture of the Union in the Annex of Parliament. A member of many personal, professional and social organizations.

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Doctor Diraj Kapur
Work experience: 23 года

Doctor Dirai Kapoor has extensive experience in endocrinology. Before becoming part of the Artemis family, he worked at Nilcant hospital, Umkal hospital, Kalyani hospital, Kirti hospital, Gurgaon, Rockland hospital, Northpoint hospital, and Orton hospital, New Delhi.

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Doctor Aritra Ghosh
Oncologist, hematologist, transplantologist
Work experience: 10 years

Reviewer of IJHBT magazine. He published a book – MCQs in hematology.

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Doctor Monique Mehta
Cardiac surgeon
Work experience: 20 years

Membership: Indian Medical Association, Cardiac Society of India, Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions. Awarded: Videsh Seva Medal from the Government of India, United Nations Medal from the United Nations.

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Doctor Pawan Rawal
Work experience: 13 years

Membership: Indian Society of Gastroenterology, Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Association of Doctors of India, European Society of Digestive Oncology. Winner of various quizzes, awards in oral sessions and poster presentations at international and national conferences. Young Researcher Award at the Asian Pan-Pacific Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (APPSPGHAN 2009) in Seoul, Korea. Fellowship of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG).

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Трансфер из / в аэропорт
Помощь с визой
Персональный ассистент
Бронь жилья и авиабилетов
Проживание сопровождающего
Одноместная палата
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