Ercan Karacaoglu: plastic surgeon at Atasehir Memorial in Istanbul
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Medical specialties
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Interview with Dr. Ercan Karacaoglu, Turkish plastic surgeon

Interview with Dr. Ercan Karacaoglu, Turkish plastic surgeon
Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery

Dr. Ercan Karacaoglu is a plastic surgeon in Turkey. He works at the well-known Memorial Atasehir Medical Center in Istanbul.

Mariya Chabdaeva is the director of the international company Experts Medical. She came to Istanbul to meet and communicate with the doctor.


About the doctor

Ercan Karacaoglu is a professor of medicine and a leading specialist at the Memorial Atasehir clinic. The doctor's specialization is aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.

Ercan Karacaoglu was educated at the Faculty of Medicine at Brown University in the USA. He worked in prestigious medical centers in America and Turkey.

In parallel with medical practice, the professor is engaged in scientific activities, he is a member of 5 international associations for plastic surgery.

The doctor performs all types of plastic procedures in accordance with international standards and has positive reviews with high marks for his work among patients.


About types of operations

  • Hello Dr. Ercan. Please tell us a little about yourself. What operations do you specialize in?

Good afternoon. I perform all types of plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, arm lifting, and liposuction are most in demand among our patients.


  • What relationship do you build with your patients?

First of all, I have to make sure that the person really needs plastic surgery. When the patient is satisfied with the result, I am happy.


About breast lift

  • How do you determine if a patient needs a breast lift?

First of all, as a plastic surgeon, I must evaluate how the breast looks. Whether it descends or not. If the breast does not descend, then there is no need for a lift. If there is descent of the nipples or halos, then we carry out a lift. In most cases, we combine breast augmentation with a lift.


  • What preliminary work is carried out for foreign patients?

We ask our patients to send us frontal and lateral photographs. In this way, we can see and evaluate how the nipple looks in relation to the entire breast, and make the right decision that satisfies the patient.


  • How do you decide where to place the implant?

In 95% of cases, I prefer to place the implant under the muscle. I believe that this gives a longer and better result compared to placing an implant on top of the muscle. I prefer to make an incision near the areola, under the breast or under the armpit. I make the decision together with the patient, based on her expectations. Under the breasts, the scar is less noticeable, although many prefer under the areola. I always explain the advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes we argue about the location of the incision. We need to get the best result.


    • What form of implants do you use and why?

The choice of the shape of the implant depends on the preferences of the patient. Nevertheless, there are some general recommendations. For example, if the patient has a depression in the upper chest, this means atrophy. I would recommend using round implants in such cases. They have advantages in the long term, because there is no risk of improper placement of the implant.

Anatomical implants must be in a specific position. If they change position, it will look strange.

In 85-90% of cases, we prefer round implants.


About surgical complications

  • How high is the risk of such a postoperative complication as breast prolapse?

In order to exclude breast prolapse after the procedure, it is important for us to first correctly assess the anatomy of the patient. Although in any case, a slight risk remains in 5% of cases there is a suboptimal lifting.


  • How do you get out of this situation?

We carry out a correction after 4-6 months. I do not recommend doing it before, because within 2 months the patient will have a slight swelling and it will take some time to see the final result. If there is some prolapse of the breast after 4 months, we do a lift. No additional lifting is required in 95%.

This is a very simple procedure compared to the first operation, because in this case we already work only with soft tissues. There is no need to change the implant.


  • Does the patient have to pay in case of a revision procedure?

The patient pays only basic hospital expenses, no additional payments to the doctor are provided.


About pain after surgery

  • Let's talk about pain after surgery. How long do patients experience pain?

If we place the implant under the muscle, there is a risk of pain. To avoid this, I always do special anesthetic procedures before the operation. At the beginning of the operation, I desensitize the nearby nerves. This greatly reduces postoperative pain.

During the first 3 days after surgery, patients experience nagging pain, which is easily controlled with painkillers.


  • How long will it take for a full recovery? When do patients stop feeling discomfort after surgery?

80% of pain sensations go away 3 days after surgery. After a week, patients practically do not feel pain, they can return to their usual way of life but with some limitations.


Recommendations in the postoperative period

  • What recommendations for restriction of movements are applied in the postoperative period?

We always ask our patients to control the movement of their hands for 3 weeks after the operation, not to make sudden movements.

10 days after the operation, they can already start running and driving a car, after 3 weeks they can swim. The main condition is to avoid sudden hand movements for 3 months after the operation.


  • When can patients return to work after surgery?

In most cases, they can do it after 3 days. Although we ask foreign patients to stay in Istanbul for 6 days.


  • If we talk about unpleasant and frightening things, what complications can there be after breast augmentation and lifting?

Any operation involves a certain level of risk. Complications may include bleeding, problems with suture healing, and infection. Nevertheless, this happens in extremely rare cases, approximately one in 500 patients. A higher risk of complications in those who have comorbidities such as high blood pressure and blood problems.

As a rule, 99% of patients after surgery return home without any complications.


  • Do you keep in touch with foreign patients after they leave Istanbul?

We keep in touch and monitor their condition through video and other means.

Our patients know that we wait always for them and will be happy to help solve any problem that may arise in the postoperative period.


How to arrive for surgery

  • Doctor Ercan, many of our patients are interested in how they can come to you for surgery?

I would recommend them to apply to your company. We have a well-established cooperation. Together, we can quickly organize the trip. I would like to add that patients can send me their photos through you in advance so that I can preliminarily draw up a scheme of the operation and discuss it during a video consultation.

In addition, we are grateful to you for helping our patients in the postoperative period. They only need to call your medical coordinators. I hope to meet them in Istanbul.


How to get plastic surgery with Ercan Karacaoglu?

To perform an operation with Ercan Karacaoglu, you must leave a request on the Experts Medical website. Doctors-coordinators of the company will contact and advise on all issues.

Memorial Atasehir Clinic provides assistance in various areas of medicine to patients from all over the world. The hospital specialists provide a wide range of modern medical services using advanced technologies. The high quality of medical care in the clinic complies with international accreditations JCI and ISO.

At Experts Medical, patients have access to:

  • preparation and translation of medical documentation for examination by a doctor and preparation of surgery plan;
  • online consultation with Prof. Ercan Karacaoglu or other specialist;
  • preliminary agreement on the plan and cost of the operation;
  • booking air tickets and hotel rooms;
  • transfer from the airport to the hospital;
  • contact with the coordinator-doctor of Experts Medical throughout the entire period of stay in Istanbul.

Experts Medical cooperates with certified medical centers and provides support to patients from different countries, including Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia.