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Diagnosis: Osteomyelitis

Many thanks to Maria Chabdaieva for her care and professionalism.

I was urgently taken to France due to the poor condition of the bones of my right hand, which was injured by a mine explosion. Doctors did a complete analysis of the state of the whole body, and not just the hands, they even did certain tests for free, just like a human being.

After treatment, there are no health problems. Care and professionalism is what I wanted to get and got 100%. Thank you, I will never forget this!

Diagnosis: Lymphangiomatosis Kaposiform

My 5-year-old son has a severe, rare disease Lymphangiomatosis, in simple terms, tumors in the body that cannot be operated. In Ukraine, they could not make a diagnosis for a long time, but fortunately, I met Maria Chabdaieva. Thanks to her help, the diagnosis was made and nevertheless, treatment began. Maria prepared all the necessary documents and made a translation into English and sent it to Boston, where consultation was held and treatment was determined for my son.
Then she personally accompanied us to Spain for treatment, where she helped us a lot with the transfer, with accommodation, and supported us in a difficult moment. And to this day she helps and supports us.  I can’t even imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t met. Always remain so sensitive, kind, and responsive to someone else’s grief.

Diagnosis: Chronic alveolitis

Good afternoon. My daughter has been sick for five years. In Kyiv, she was diagnosed with Chronic allergic alveolitis. She can’t breathe without hormones. We decided to go to Israel to confirm this diagnosis, and to change the treatment. Two and a half years on hormones is very hard. She is now 10 years old, she has complexes because of her excess weight, she does not have communication with her peers. I contacted Experts Medical through my friends. Paperwork, tickets, insurance, apartment – it didn’t bother me. The agency did everything, namely, Maria Chabdaieva helped with everything. I am very grateful to her, I could not have done it myself. Arriving in Israel I was very scared to be lost. Everyone met us very well. You know, I have already visited several hospitals in Ukraine, I felt an indifferent attitude to my daughter health, even when undergoing an endoscopy procedure for a child, they screamed so much that both the child and I cried.

In Israel, there is a completely different attitude. I felt like a valuable person. Here everything is for people. Usually, our consultations lasted an hour and a half. You know, I was very surprised, after waking up from anesthesia, the first thing a child sees is his mother, the constant supervision of the medical staff, later they give him a drink, food, and even his mother. Anyone who is going for treatment abroad and does not know how to do it right, do not hesitate to contact the Experts Medical agency – they really help here. Many thanks to you Maria and your company.