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Dr. Memet Yazar
Plastic surgeon
Work experience: 24
  • First prize in a competition organized by the Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Association for a technique he developed for a surgery of protruding ears, and the same study was published in a prestigious international journal.Completed a course of microsurgery in Zurich, Switzerland.In addition to his 35 articles published in international journals, he has published numerous articles in national journals.

    Doctor Memet Yazar enjoys sculpture and painting as a hobby.

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Dr. Ergin Er
Plastic surgeon
Work experience: 26

Member of the European Society for Hair Reconstructive Surgery (ESHRS)

Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)

Member of the American Academy of Liposuction Surgery (AALS)

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Dr. Ercan Karacaoğlu
Plastic surgeon
Work experience: 25

Certificate of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS)

Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS)

Member of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

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Dr. Mahmut Özgül
Plastic surgeon
Work experience: 12

Plastic surgeon

Member of the Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Society

Member of the Association for Aesthetic Surgery

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    Patient reviews on rhinoplasty

    Diagnosis: Septorhinoplasty

    After 10 years of treatment at various doctors and in private clinics in Italy to correct a congenital curvature of the septum, only functional septorhinoplasty helped me. On December 13, I left for Istanbul. I paid almost half as much as in Italy for a truly 5-star Allincusive service including surgery and examination, 1 night of hospital stay (I’ve never seen a hospital like this in Italy) and stay in a 4-star hotel with breakfast, Italian translator, and airport transfer… (I additionally paid only for the flight). The result is beyond my expectations, an exceptional doctor, a professional, attentive to the patient. My case was not easy, 5 hours of surgery. I am very glad that I had this operation at the Istanbul Aesthetic Center, and I regret that I did not do it earlier. Thanks to the doctor Mahmut Ozgul

    Diagnosis: Rhinoplasty

    On November 21, I arrived in Istanbul for a rhinoplasty operation at the Aesthetic Istanbul Hospital. I was met at the airport and taken to the Veyron Hotel, a very pleasant 4-star hotel 50m from the hospital.

    The next day, my translator Sebnem came for me to accompany me to the hospital for examination and surgery. The room was as clean and comfortable as a 5-star hotel. The nurses were there day and night. Everything was beyond my expectations! I sincerely thank Sebnem for always being there, doctor Ergin for a great job, and Yasin who controlled everything. Thank you !!!!

    Diagnosis: Rhinoplasty

    I had a rhinoplasty operation a week ago.

    The operation was successful thanks to a doctor who, looking at you, immediately sees all the flaws and which form is right for you. As a result, after the operation, I looked very natural and beautiful. Very attentive attitude of the doctor and the staff at the hospital. I was with my husband and son, we were all fed and they were very generous to us. I am very happy for my nose, for such an operation, and attitude. The hotel is great, the SPA is very good. A translator was always nearby, this is very important.

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    Rhinoplasty program

    • Hospitalization: 1 day
    • Trip duration: 6 days
    • Rehabilitation period: 10 days
    • Price in Turkey: from $2,600
    • 1st day:

      Meeting at the airport, consultation, examination

    • 2d day:

      Operation, hospitalization

    • 3d day:

      Check-out and check-in to the hotel

    • 6th day:

      Examination, transfer to the airport

    Features of rhinoplasty in Turkey

    Performing rhinoplasty abroad is an ideal result of aesthetic surgery, a decent level of service, and optimal conditions for rehabilitation after surgery.

    When carrying out the operation, not only aesthetics are taken into account but also physiology. Any difficulty in nasal breathing associated with a narrowing of the nasal passages, a change in the position of the turbinate bones and septum will negate all the aesthetic benefits of the new nose. In this regard, it is important to find a plastic surgeon who will take into account all the nuances and make sure that nasal breathing is fully restored after rhinoplasty. In this case, the new nose should look so that nothing resembles the operation.

    Types of rhinoplasty

    The techniques and methods of rhinoplasty are combined at the plastic surgeon’s discretion. The main types of rhinoplasty include:

    1. Open and closed rhinoplasty. In the case of the open one, the plastic surgery of the dorsum with the removal of the hump, the elimination of the tip of the nose overhanging the upper lip, correction of the shape of the alars and columella (the bridge between the nostrils) are performed. In difficult cases, simultaneously with the correction of the external nose, the curved parts of the nasal septum are removed, the position and volume of the turbinal bones are changed, and polyps are removed. In the case of the closed plastic surgery, the surgeon can bring the tip of the nose closer to the ideal, adjust its size, and make the nasal alars symmetrical.
    2. Primary or repeated rhinoplasty. The second and subsequent plastic surgery on the external nose is technically more difficult than the first one since it is necessary not only to obtain an ideal result but also to take into account the changes that are a consequence of previous interventions.
    3. Non-surgical rhinoplasty. It is possible to correct the shape of the nose to certain limits with the help of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. As a rule, injections of biodegradable tissue fillers are used as an auxiliary method of correction after classical plastic surgery.

    According to statistics, 25% of all rhinoplasty operations performed are repeated. The second and subsequent operations are much more expensive than the first and often require the restoration of the missing volumes of cartilages and soft tissues using autografts (bone or cartilaginous fragments taken from the patient) or synthetic implants. In this regard, it is better to immediately determine the desired result and to find a surgeon whose experience guarantees the desired outcome of the plastic surgery.

    How to choose a hospital

    In hospitals abroad, specializing in plastic surgery, for the convenience and safety of patients:

    a complete laboratory and instrumental examination is carried out. This eliminates the need to look for hospitals for conducting diagnostic tests in your hometown, translating medical reports into a foreign language, completing missing examinations on place, if it suddenly turns out that some tests are not enough;

    3D modeling of the future result is performed. To obtain a three-dimensional image, programs processing images obtained from digital equipment are used. With their help, you can not only choose the most suitable shape of the future nose but also evaluate how much it fits the facial features;

    accompaniment is carried out in the patient’s native language. For communication with the doctor and the hospital staff, the interpreter is provided, thanks to whom the discomfort from the language barrier disappears;

    there are all conditions for complete rehabilitation. A good rest, a varied diet, a full range of cosmetic procedures, and constant medical supervision guarantee to reduce the likelihood of complications, and make it possible to recover faster and return to everyday life.

    Thanks to 5 years of experience, the Experts Medical team has brought together the best specialists in the field of rhinoplasty so that you get exactly the result you expect with the best level of service. We choose a plastic surgeon based on the experience of the doctor, the methods used, feedback from previous patients, his colleagues, and also look at what equipment is used in the hospital and how prestigious it is.

    What are the advantages of rhinoplasty in Turkey over other popular countries

    The hospital is selected on an individual basis, and the choice depends not only on the complexity of the operation, its price, and the level of the doctor. The personal preferences of the client are also taken into account. The advantages of rhinoplasty in Turkey are that it can be combined with a family vacation at the sea, getting to know local vivid bazaars, and sights of different eras.

    If you want, in addition to the correction of the nose, you can also undergo balneotherapy. You should choose a clinic in Israel. Spa treatments, restorative and therapeutic effects will certainly redound to advantage. Whichever city you choose, a decent level of service and medical care from highly qualified specialists are provided.

    Prices for rhinoplasty in Turkey, a complex system of training of doctors, and the highest requirements for the quality of service make such clinics interesting for medical tourists from all over the world. The active introduction of advanced scientific developments allows for aesthetic operations with minimal tissue trauma, for example, using endoscopic equipment, which makes the postoperative period easier and shortens the recovery time after the surgery.

    Price for rhinoplasty abroad

    The price for the operation is determined during an in-person or online consultation with the patient. On average, aesthetic nose surgery costs from 2 to 6 thousand euros. The price depends on many factors, which the doctor will tell you about in detail.

    The best ratio of price and quality result is in Turkey. Taking into account the full cost of the trip, it makes sense to consider the possibility of performing the rhinoplasty in Istanbul, if only for the reason that a large number of private clinics are concentrated there.

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