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Tel Aviv, Израиль
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JCI American Medical Facility Accreditation
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Assuta Hospital is the largest private medical center in Israel, which annually hosts more than 200,000 Israelis and patients from all over the world who come to Israel for treatment. The clinic includes an institute and a major medical center. This allows combining extensive medical experience, in-depth scientific research, and modern technology in the treatment of the most complex diseases. Accumulated experience in various areas of medicine provides an opportunity to offer patients advanced technology, knowledge, and the most advanced developments, which invariably leads to an effective cure.
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Best clinic's doctors
Doctor Ethan Ram
Obstetrician-gynecologist, oncologist
Work experience: 30 years

Membership: Israeli Association of Oncogynecologists, Israeli Society of Obstetricians-Gynecologists, as well as a number of international medical organizations.

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Doctor Hefetz Avi
Work experience: 36 years

Member of the Israeli and American associations of head and neck surgery. He headed the Israeli Association of Head and Neck Surgery for 4 years. Consultant of the Israeli Cancer Society on head and neck surgery.

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Doctor Sofer Mario
Work experience: 35 years

Membership: Israeli, European, American associations of urologists. Actively published in foreign medical journals.

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Doctor Igor Kazanskiy
Work experience: 27 years

Membership: American and Israeli Associations of Orthopedic Surgeons, as well as the Israeli Society for the Treatment of Hip and Knee Joints. Takes part in the activities of medical congresses.

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Professor Uretskiy Gideon
Cardiac surgeon
Work experience: 47 years

Membership: Israeli Society of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgeons (cardiac surgery in Israel), American Association of Thoracic Surgeons, American Foundation for the Advancement of Science, International Association of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. Scientific papers have been published in many foreign medical journals.

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Professor Aleksander Tenenbaum
Cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, pediatric cardiac surgeon
Work experience: 40 years

Author and co-author of more than 140 articles in international medical journals. He founded a new direction in cardiology – cardiovascular diabetology – and became the chief editor of the scientific journal on this discipline, which is published in the UK.

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Cost of diagnostics and operations
Medical consultationfrom 550 $Enquire price
Online second opinionfrom 650 $Enquire price
PET CT2 100 - 3 500 $Enquire price
Coronary angiography5 000 - 6 500 $Enquire price
MRI800 - 1 500 $Enquire price
CT with contrast600 - 1 000 $Enquire price
Laboratory analysis50 - 1 000 $Enquire price
Histology review300 - 1 000 $Enquire price
Online second opinionfrom 650 $Enquire price
Cyber Knife (radiotherapy)9 000 - 13 000 $Enquire price
High-dose bone marrow transplant chemotherapy77 000 - 130 000 $Enquire price
Chemotherapy6 500 - 9 300 $Enquire price
Tumor biopsy7 500 - 12 000 $Enquire price
Histology review300 - 1 000 $Enquire price
PET CT with oncologist consultation2 100 - 3 500 $Enquire price
Mastectomy12 000 - 14 800 $Enquire price
Immunotherapy60 000 - 256 000 $Enquire price
Da Vinci Robotic System17 800 - 23 500 $Enquire price
Cervical tumor removal12 000 - 18 000 $Enquire price
TUR (Transurethral resection of the prostate)12 000 - 17 500 $Enquire price
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (related donor)174 000 - 271 000 $Enquire price
Bone marrow biopsy5 000 - 7 500 $Enquire price
High-dose bone marrow transplant chemotherapy80 000 - 93 000 $Enquire price
PET CT2 100 - 3 500 $Enquire price
Cardiologist consultation380 $Enquire price
Coronary angiography3 800 - 6 700 $Enquire price
Coronary stenting15 000 - 18 300 $Enquire price
Coronary bypass21 000 - 24 000 $Enquire price
Heart valve replacement23 200 - 26 700 $Enquire price
Heart MRI800 - 1 500 $Enquire price
Surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia15 300 - 17 500 $Enquire price
Brain MRI800 - 1 500 $Enquire price
Brain tumor removal23 300 - 27 500 $Enquire price
Lumbar discectomy10 500 - 14 130 $Enquire price
Orthopedist-traumatologist сonsultation350 - 450 $Enquire price
Hip replacement12 300 - 16 900 $Enquire price
Knee replacement10 400 - 13 100 $Enquire price
Ankle arthroscopy6 300 - 9 500 $Enquire price
Upper extremities Bioelectric prostheses45 000 - 50 000 $Enquire price
Scoliosis surgery42 000 - 49 000 $Enquire price
Arthrosis stem cell therapy6 880 - 19 300 $Enquire price
Plastic surgery
Breast augmentation5 700 - 9 400 $Enquire price
Abdominoplasty6 300 - 8 300 $Enquire price
Liposuction6 300 - 8 500 $Enquire price
Face lifting10 300 - 15 900 $Enquire price
Rhinoplasty6 350 - 7 400 $Enquire price
Blephoroplasty4 200 - 5 300 $Enquire price
Hair transplantation5 400 - 6 400 $Enquire price
Lens replacement (cataract treatment)5 300 - 7 500 $Enquire price
Keratoplasty (corneal transplant)8 300 - 9 400 $Enquire price
Crosslinking for 1 eye7 300 - 8 200 $Enquire price
iLasik (2 eyes)4 200 - 5 500 $Enquire price
Prosthetic eye3 500 - 4 500 $Enquire price
PRK Photorefractive keratectomy (2 eyes)4 800 - 5 500 $Enquire price
Childbirth3 500 - 5 200 $Enquire price
IVF9 065 - 10 500 $Enquire price
Complete diagnosis of epilepsy8 200 - 9 300 $Enquire price
Deep brain stimulation20 000 - 28 000 $Enquire price
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment2 300 - 3 900 $Enquire price
Parkinson's Disease Treatment2 100 - 3 600 $Enquire price
Patients' reviews
Diagnosis: Hodgkin's Lymphoma

I express my gratitude to the leading hemato-oncologist of the Assuta Complex Clinic, Professor Michael Shapir, my attending doctor, for professionalism, attentive and patient attitude, and the choice of drugs that caused my illness to recede.

I also thank Doctor A. Hefets, a leading specialist in the field of ENT surgery, head and neck cancer surgery, for the successful biopsy, as well as oncohematologist Professor O. Shpilberg for his careful attitude during my inpatient treatment.

Special thanks to the medical staff of the oncology and hematology departments who performed my chemotherapy procedures. Thank you for your sensitivity, helpful recommendations, and willingness to help: Nathan, Vera, Lily, Shelley, Dory made these difficult procedures less painful for me.

I thank you for the professionalism and responsiveness of the nurses who accompanied me during my inpatient treatment at the hospital:

Larisa, Ortal, Natali, Natasha, David, Flory, a nutritionist, blood-sampling specialists and the whole team of oncology and hematology departments.

Diagnosis: Rectal polyp

On April 3, I had a surgery for removal of a rectal polyp. I was operated on by the surgeon Svetlana Makhlankin with the team and anesthesiologist Roman Schneider. The operation was quick and painless. Everything was professional. The nursing sisters in the waiting room Eva and Julia were very attentive. This is not my first visit to Assuta hospital. I want to thank the staff and hospital management.


Diagnosis: Breast cancer

My name is Lubov. My medical history is as follows. I am 32 years old. In February, I found a lump in my chest. Of course, I immediately turned to the mammologist, he directed me to do an ultrasound. I was diagnosed with the mastopathy. He said that I should not worry about nothing, the operation was scheduled for the end of August. Then, having told about this situation to my friend, I realized that it was better not to take risks, especially there is an oncological history in my family (the doctor ignored this fact). A friend advised me to address the company Ilissa, where she was undergoing treatment for cervical cancer and was very pleased. After I have adreesed, a medical consultant Lev contacted me. He was very livable, explained everything concerning treatment and arrival. After he received documentation and from us consultations with the doctor, he sent us a diagnostic program, everything was written in very detailed and understandable ways. The diagnosis was carried out within a week, my fears were justified, the neoplasm was malignant. Thank God, the metastases were not found, an operation and preliminary chemotherapy were recommended. The cost of the operation for me was high. I began to find out the price at us. Then, after I was told that it is necessary to remove the mammary gland, I decided to be operated on in Israel. The operation was conducted by Professor Gutman in the Assuta hospital. The operation was successful. Thank God, they saved the chest. I want to thank Ilissa Center and all the staff of Assuta Hospital! In particular, Leo and Roni, they were available even at a later time and were patient, despite my frequent calls and numerous questions before and after treatment. Thank you very much!!


I, Panfilova Svetlana Mikhailovna, was examining in Assuta from May 23, 2017 till May 26!!! I would like to express my words of gratitude, tears of joy overwhelm me!!! My adviced me to go there (her grandson was examined there). With our doctors, this is a circle pit! I was diagnosed with diffuse colitis, it was scary … Upon arriving in Israel, I was met and taken to the clinic. On the same day, I passed the tests and was consulted by a gastroenterologist, Doctor Laav Maor. After reviewing my examinations, he said (Without doing another colonoscopy): “You don’t have nothing like that!” And after I did colonoscopy, he confirmed it again! Thanks also to Professor Moshkovich and Professor Eldad Ben Shitrit, Head of the Department of Rheumatology !!! Wonderful people! In addition, I thank all the attendants, they were called 2 Olya and Svetlana! I am 60 years old, but I was treated like a child, so much attention! And most importantly understanding! The people in Israel are very responsive. If they did not understand my Russian in the cafe, then someone from the visitors helped me!!! Thanks and thanks again!!!!!


Last summer, I was diagnosed in Assuta. I was very pleased with the professionalism of doctors, prices, and service in general. In addition, the diagnosis made in Russia was not confirmed. Arriving in Israel, I was staying at my friend and went to the clinic without any problems by public transport. By the way, the first doctor’s appointment was assigned to me on the day of arrival. I got an appointment with specialists in various fields, including an oncologist, a mammologist, an endocrinologist, etc. I passed all the necessary laboratory tests and in less than 2 weeks I got the results. At all stages of the trip I was accompanied by a coordinator, who greatly simplified my stay in the clinic. I was very glad that I did not have cancer. I will never again use the services of Russian doctors, and I will only go for treatment abroad. It’s worth it. After all, life and health are the most expensive.

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Трансфер из / в аэропорт
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Персональный ассистент
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