Medical tourism and health tourism ❤️ What is it? Specifics and details
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Medical specialties
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Medical tourism: diagnosis, treatment and transformation of appearance abroad

Medical tourism: diagnosis, treatment and transformation of appearance abroad
Medical tourism
Medical tourism


Medical tourism is a system that encompasses all prospective destinations related to the activities of research, diagnostic centers and hospitals. The health tourism system revolves around advanced technologies that allow doctors to incorporate them into treatment programs for patients in different parts of the world. 


Against the backdrop of such global interactions, non-profit organizations that monitor and certify medical facilities have emerged. This makes it possible to talk about protecting the interests of people who undergo diagnostics and therapy outside their country.



What is medical tourism for the patient?

Health tourism is traveling abroad to receive medical care. The main goal for patients is access to modern methods of diagnostics, therapy, aesthetic surgery and rehabilitation.

Key reasons why it is advantageous for a patient to be treated outside his or her home country:

  • It is possible to receive quality medical services in a specialized clinic or department. Even for the treatment of rare and complex diseases, you can find a specialized institution abroad.

  • Correlation of price and quality of service. Medical tourists from Europe and the USA often give preference to clinics in Turkey and South Korea because of more affordable cost of plastic surgeries. At the same time, hospitals in these countries are among the TOP-50 best clinics in the world.

  • Innovative treatments are available at university hospitals. For example, some clinics in Germany and Turkey use the latest developments – the best for medical tourism cancer treatment. This is an advantage of medical centers that operate on the basis of scientific institutes.

Among countries with developed medicine, the choice of worthy clinics is substantial. In this article, we will look at how patients decide to travel and choose the right doctor.



What is a medical tourism operator?

A medical tourism operator is a company that coordinates the organization of trips abroad for the purpose of medical treatment or appearance correction. As in the cultural tourism system, medical tourism has its own coordination companies. This is necessary to improve communication between clinics, patients, insurance and transportation organizations. 


Health tourism agency cooperates with coordinators of foreign clinics. In this way, specialists receive the most complete and up-to-date information about the possibilities of hospitals and conditions of treatment in them for foreign citizens.

Turning to a medical tourism operator offers a number of advantages for the patient:

  • Receive free consultation from a coordinating doctor on your problem in a language you can understand;
  • the opportunity to choose the most suitable hospital for your problem, taking into account the need for tests and therapeutic options;
  • get a preliminary online consultation with a specialized foreign doctor;
  • correctly prepare all medical documentation and send it to a foreign clinic;
  • find out the preliminary cost of treatment;
  • get support for the whole period of stay in a hospital abroad: from the moment of application to returning home after the course of therapy or when the rehabilitation is over.

Support of the patient by medical tourism operators is to solve all organizational issues related to the trip abroad. Each patient is assigned a medical coordinator who:

  • collects a preliminary history and provides telephone counseling;
  • offers a choice of world clinics for diagnosis and/or treatment; recommends the most suitable doctors for the treatment of a specific disease;
  • prepares all medical documents for organizing health tourism, books plane or train tickets;
  • registers the patient in a foreign hospital and prepares everything necessary for his/her admission there;
  • if necessary, organizes transfer to the clinic and to the airport; assists with any questions that may arise;
  • stays in touch 24/7 with the patient or his/her family.

The key advantage of going for treatment abroad with the support of a health tourism operator is the organization of the whole process in the shortest possible time. The patient does not ideally need to know the language of the country where he or she will be treated.



How and where to start medical tourism?

If the patient or his relatives are inexperienced in health tourism, it is better to turn to specialists. This will get rid of the routine of figuring out organizational issues and will not create problems in the form of language barriers and understanding with foreign doctors.


Awareness is the main criterion around which the choice of patients revolves. Qualitative organization of medical tourism is based on understanding the assessments of foreign hospitals. Therefore, contacting specialized companies will allow accumulating all this knowledge to make the final decision.

medical tourism

In simple terms, medical tourism can start like this:

Patient or relative

    1. Leaves an appeal on the platform (website of a medical tourism operator). Discusses the disease and receives further recommendations from the coordinator.
    2. Selects a foreign doctor and hospital based on the information received.
    3. Prepares for health tourism while the coordinating doctor sends documents and solves other organizational issues.
    4. Goes to the clinic for treatment. Payment for medical services takes place exclusively at the hospital.


All organizational issues with the choice and the trip itself are solved quickly if you turn to a reliable medical tourism company. In case of contacting Experts Medical - consultation of the coordinating physician and all related services will be free of charge for the patient.



Medical tourism – treatment abroad without borders 


Patients most often face problems of accessibility of certain medical services in their place of residence. On the one hand, it may be the lack of modern methods at the nearest clinics, on the other hand - too high cost of examinations, treatment, aesthetic surgery or rehabilitation.


Taking into account the needs of patients, medical tourism in the world comprehensively solves the problems of access to modern methods and related services.


Medical tourism: cancer treatment

Medical tourism cancer treatment provides patients with access to advanced technologies and experts around the world. Specialized clinics in Germany, Israel, Spain and Turkey are equipped with modern diagnostic devices that allow detecting cancer at early and sometimes even asymptomatic stages. For this purpose, they use PET-CT (which detects the smallest metastases up to 2 mm), genetic tests (to determine the genes responsible for the formation of tumors) and other innovative techniques.


Top institutions that work in the system of medical tourism for cancer treatment actively apply the latest technologies. This provides patients with high-quality medical care and individualized approach in each case. For example, in Israeli oncology centers, patients have access to CAR-T therapy, which is effectively used to treat lymphoma.


Foreign patients choose medical tourism for cancer treatment, as major medical centers conduct their own research. This allows them to create new treatment protocols in which the combination of therapy and surgery gives a better result. For example, German oncologists can combine standard types of treatment with proton therapy, which reduces the risk of recurrence to zero.



The most popular countries for medical tourism abroad

health tourism

Turkey, Israel, South Korea, India, Spain, Germany, Switzerland hold the primacy among the states that most often receive foreign citizens in the system of health tourism. The popularity of this or that country among patients is conditioned by such needs:

  • to undergo complex diagnostics in a short period of time on the basis of 1 medical institution (without queues and the need to travel to different laboratories);
  • to perform a complex operation for a certain age group (choose a clinic that accepts young children of preschool age or people over 80 years old);
  • the possibility to be hospitalized for a long period of time in comfortable conditions (e.g., for TCM or organ transplantation);
  • the need to take medications that are developed and available at one or more medical centers around the world;
  • the desire to save money on specific types of services (some hospitals have all-inclusive packages available - it is beneficial).


Let's look at a few examples of what attracts patients to health tourism in different countries.


Medical tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey

According to IMTJ (International Medical Tourism Journal), Turkey welcomed 400,000 foreign patients in 2019. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more foreigners turned to the country for medical services there each subsequent year.


Turkish clinics are most in demand for:


One of the reasons why these areas are popular with foreigners is that world-renowned doctors work in clinics in Turkey. They have achieved high results in treating patients. For example, the rate of bone marrow engraftment in patients with leukemia reaches 90%-97%, and this is one of the highest rates in the world.


Another factor is the prices of procedures. Plastic surgery and health tourism in Turkey is distinguished by the fact that the cost of treatment is on average 30% lower than in popular hospitals in Europe and America. Comfortable climate and colorful nature make Turkish medical tourism the most attractive for foreigners.


Medical tourism to Israel

According to the ranking of MedicalTourism, an independent medical tourism organization, Israel ranks 8th among 46 countries (data for 2020-2021). The high level of trust among foreign patients is due to the fact that doctors in Israel have sufficient qualifications. Before starting independent practice, each doctor undergoes 13-14 years of training and internship. Support for specialists and hospitals is carried out at the state level, which makes the country one of the foremost in the medical field.


Patients choose Israeli clinics for:

  • conducting check-ups (global diagnostics of the entire body);
  • treatment of psychiatric diseases (doctors speak Russian and English);
  • surgical treatment of neurological diseases;
  • medical tourism in the field of cancer treatment for children and adults;
  • treatment of gynecological diseases and infertility. 


The cost of diagnostics and treatment in Israel is a little higher than in Turkey, but more loyal than in Germany. At the same time, each public or private medical center has advanced equipment. For example, clinics are equipped with radiotherapy units of the latest generations. This makes non-surgical cancer therapy more sparing and effective for patients with oncology.


Treatment in South Korea

Medical tourism in Korea

South Korea is one of the most interesting destinations in medical tourism. Thanks to the cooperation of large clinics with electronics manufacturers, Korean medicine has reached a fairly high level. Together with the top companies Samsung and Hyundai, the latest medical equipment technologies have been integrated into the country's healthcare system. 


According to the research results of the Bloomberg publication, South Korea in 2019 took and still holds the 5th position in the ranking of countries with the most efficient healthcare.


Foreign patients most often turn to doctors in South Korea for:

  • eye microsurgery;
  • maxillofacial surgery;
  • joint replacement and complex endoscopic procedures;
  • application of innovative methods of cancer treatment: cryotherapy of tumors, HIFU (ultrasound ablation of neoplasm);
  • facial and body plastic surgery, including gender transition. 


In accredited clinics in Korea, doctors perform robotic interventions, which allows the patient to undergo faster rehabilitation without complications. Bloodless treatment methods allow to effectively fight oncology and benign tumors. At the same time, the pricing policy of clinics in South Korea is more favorable for foreigners than in central European countries.



Medical tourism in India

Every year, India receives about 400,000 patients from different countries for treatment. Private hospitals in the country are certified by the National Assessment Board for Healthcare Providers (NABH). Such quality marks indicate that the hospitals meet global medical standards.


Doctors in India hold a place of honor among the world-renowned medical practitioners. For instance, surgeon Mohammed Rela has entered the Guinness Book of World Records. He performed a successful liver transplant on a child who was just 5 days old. India is the first country to perform cross organ transplantation among several donors and recipients at the same time.


Specialists undergo long-term training in leading clinics in the United States and England. For Indians, the profession of a clinician is the most respected in the country. Treatment in hospitals is carried out according to modern international protocols.


Foreign patients travel to India to receive services such as:

  • liver transplantation in adults and children;
  • heart-lung complex transplantation;
  • Kidney transplantation;
  • rehabilitation after surgeries or in the presence of chronic diseases;
  • Ayurvedic therapy combined with ocean vacation.


Transplantology is India's leading medical destination for international patients. This is due to high rates of organ engraftment and relatively affordable cost of operations.


Medical complexes in India combine all modern opportunities for patient treatment and rehabilitation. There are many resort-based medical centers in the country. In this case, the cost of an all-inclusive trip for 10-14 days will be equal to a vacation in a 5-star hotel in Egypt for 9 days.


Read more about health tourism in other countries in the blog Experts Medical. If you are interested in diagnostics, therapy or rehabilitation in a foreign clinic - leave a request on the website for a free consultation.



Reviews about health tourism abroad

Reviews about treatment abroad

When independent organizations evaluate the work of clinics in different countries, they also rely on feedback from foreign patients. This is important for an objective understanding of how well a medical institution meets its stated guarantees. 


To see patient reviews about treatment of various diseases abroad, you can visit the Experts Medical website. Here you will find video reviews and comments on foreign hospitals.


The personal result of each patient is the final criterion for evaluating the work of specialists and the complex of all measures that are taken in clinics. Therefore, if a hospital gets into the TOP hospitals of the world, it means not only that it has certificates, but also that it is highly successful in treating patients.



Insignia and certification of foreign clinics

Medical tourism abroad is highly competitive. Clinics in the most successful and developed countries fight for their status and popularity among patients from abroad. In order to get a positive feedback from each hospitalized foreigner, it is necessary to implement the best technologies. In addition, the accompanying services that a person can receive at the medical center also play an important role.



How should a patient navigate the selection of the best clinics abroad?

A trusted medical facility always has an ISO certificate. This is a guarantee that the clinic meets the quality standards of clinic management and organization of work of medical staff.


The most advanced foreign hospitals have the MTQUA mark of distinction. This international alliance recognizes those hospitals that meet international quality standards and constantly improve their service. 


The European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM conducts an independent assessment of the work of medical companies. This mark of distinction testifies to the organization's compliance with high requirements in the field of medical institutions management.


The Organization of European Cancer Institutes OECI accreditation clinics that specialize in cancer treatment. This is a guarantee that patients turn to a hospital where all modern standards of oncology treatment are implemented. The ESMO certificate also confirms the training of oncologists in the world's leading clinics.



What attracts patients to international health tourism?

Technical equipment of foreign clinics is at the heart of the algorithm of diagnostics, therapy and surgery of patients.


  • Performing diagnostics on modern devices. The gold standard of research includes PET-CT scans of the body, endoscopic methods and all sorts of highly specialized tests using artificial intelligence systems.

  • Non-surgical radiosurgery. Advanced clinics successfully treat malignant and benign tumors using TruBim, CyberKnife, GammaKnife devices. This allows to minimize side effects and bring the treatment to a productive conclusion.


  • Successful transplantation of organs and bone marrow. In transplantology departments abroad all possibilities are realized, which allow to achieve successful engraftment of liver, kidney, skin or bone marrow in 90% of cases. In cases of severe pathologies or traumas, this is the only way to save the patient’s life.

  • Access to innovative medicines and experimental therapies. University Medical Centers offer a wide range of therapies for people with rare and complex diseases.

  • Receive medical care from world-renowned physicians. Appealing to a highly specialized doctor allows you to solve acute health problems. Every year thousands of people around the world are treated by top doctors for surgical correction of scoliosis, epilepsy, cardiovascular pathologies and birth defects.

Equipment of foreign clinics

With a large demand for travel abroad for medical purposes, the professional field has begun to recognize certain types of medical tourism.


  • diagnostic
    to undergo a prompt and comprehensive health check, early diagnosis;
  • aesthetic
    for plastic surgery and cosmetology services;
  • therapeutic
    for therapy and surgery in the presence of a specific diagnosis;
  • rehabilitation
    to restore the body after a long treatment, surgery or to improve the condition of chronic pathologies.

The medical tourism program can be designed with the prevention of disease recurrence in mind. Spa procedures can be combined with therapeutic activities and therapeutic gymnastics.


At the same time, a patient can choose a hospital that provides a wide range of medical services in several areas of health tourism at once. To learn more about the clinics' capabilities and best price offers, leave a request on the Experts Medical website. The coordinating physicians will organize your trip abroad for any medical issue.