Private clinic Rudolfinerhaus

Частная клиника Рудольфинерхаус
Vienna, Австрия
4.8(4 reviews)
Clinic is certified
International certificate of quality ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001
International certificate of quality ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001
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Clinic's services:
Трансфер из / в аэропорт
Помощь с визой
Персональный ассистент
Бронь жилья и авиабилетов
Проживание сопровождающего
Одноместная палата
Main specialties:
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About clinic
Rudolfinerhaus is a private multidisciplinary clinic located in a wonderful park area in Vienna. The main specialties of the medical institution include cardiology, general surgery, orthopedics, labor management, and check-up - a comprehensive diagnosis of the body, which takes 3-8 hours.Private clinic Rudolifinerhaus is distinguished by the observance of traditions and the introduction of modern innovative techniques. Besides, the medical institution conducts a training of young staff and advanced training of experienced doctors. The entire medical staff is fluent in several languages, which allowed the clinic to receive international status.Private clinic Rudolfinerhaus consists of 22 departments and a Check up center, includes 1000 single and double rooms of a hotel type, designed for 155 beds. The territory of the medical institution features restaurants, cafes, and a garden.The clinic was founded in 1882 and has been providing quality services to people from all over the world for more than a century. Modern equipment, well-trained medical staff, caring experts, hygiene level - all this made it possible for the clinic to become one of the best medical institutions in Austria, which is confirmed by the certificate ISO 9001:2015.
Cost of diagnostics and operations
Консультация специалиста200 - 300$Enquire price
Заочное второе мнение700$Enquire price
Коронарная ангиография5000 - 6500 $Enquire price
МРТ800 - 1500$Enquire price
КТ с контрастом600 - 1000$Enquire price
Лабораторные исследования50 - 1000 $Enquire price
Пересмотр гистологии300 - 1000 $Enquire price
Кибер нож (Лучевая терапия) 9 000 - 13 000 $Enquire price
Высокодозная химиотерапия с пересадкой костного мозга77000 - 130 000 $Enquire price
Химиотерапия6500 - 9300 $Enquire price
Биопсия опухоли внутренних органов7500 - 12 000 $Enquire price
Пересмотр гистологии300 - 1000 $Enquire price
Заочное второе мнение700 $Enquire price
Мастэктомия12000 - 14 800 $Enquire price
Иммунотерапия60 000 - 256 000 $Enquire price
Роботизированная система Да Винчи17800 - 23 500 $Enquire price
Удаление опухоли шейки матки12000 - 18000 $Enquire price
(Трансуретральная резекция простаты) ТУР12 000 - 17 500 $Enquire price
Пересадка костного мозга аллогенная ( родственный донор)174 000 - 271000 $Enquire price
Биопсия костного мозга5000 - 7500 $Enquire price
Высокодозная химиотерапия80 000 - 93 000 $Enquire price
Коронарная ангиография3800 - 6700 $Enquire price
Коронарное стентирование15 000 - 18 300 $Enquire price
Аорто-коронарное шунтирование21 000 - 24 000$Enquire price
Замена клапана сердца23 200 - 26 700 $Enquire price
МРТ сердца800 - 1500 $Enquire price
Консультация кардиолога280 $Enquire price
Хирургическое лечение межпозвоночной грыжи 15 300 - 17 500$Enquire price
МРТ головного мозга800 - 1500 $Enquire price
Удаление опухоли головного мозга23 300 - 27 500 $Enquire price
Поясничная дискэктомия10 500 - 14 130 $Enquire price
Замена тазобедренного сустава12 300 - 16 900 $Enquire price
Замена коленного сустава10 400 - 13 100 $Enquire price
Артроскопия голеностопного сустава6300 - 9500 $Enquire price
Операция при сколиозе42 000 - 49 000 $Enquire price
Терапия стволовыми клетками при артрозе6 880 - 19 300 $Enquire price
Консультация ортопеда - травматолога350 - 450 $Enquire price
Пластическая хирургия
Увеличение груди5 700 - 9400$Enquire price
Абдоминопластика6300 - 8300 $Enquire price
Липосакция6300 - 85 00$Enquire price
Блефоропластика4 200 - 5300 $Enquire price
Лифтинг лица10 300 - 15 900$Enquire price
Пересадка волос5 400 - 6 400 $Enquire price
Ринопластика6 350 - 7 400 $Enquire price
Замена хрусталика (лечение катаракты)5300 - 7500$Enquire price
Кератопластика ( пересадка роговицы)8 300 - 9 400$Enquire price
Крослинкинг за 1 глаз7 300 - 8 200 $Enquire price
I Lasik (2 глаза)4 200 - 5 500 $Enquire price
Протез глаза3 500 - 4 500$Enquire price
PRK Фоторефракционная кератэктомия ( за 2 глаза)4 800 - 5500 $Enquire price
Акушерство Гинекология
Роды3 500 - 5 200 $Enquire price
ЭКО9 065 - 10 500 $Enquire price
Полная диагностика эпилеписии и консервативное лечение8 200 - 9 300 $Enquire price
Глубокая стимуляция мозга20 000 - 28 000 $Enquire price
Диагностика и консервативное лечение рассеяного склероза2 300 - 3 900 $Enquire price
Диагностика болезни Паркинсона2 100 - 3 600 $Enquire price
Patients' reviews
Marion Buchner
Diagnosis: Ultrasound scanning

I got an ultrasound scanning within 24 hours. Doctors really devote time to each patient. They explained me in detail the results of the scanning and answered all my questions.

Alex Lowitsch
Diagnosis: Prostatitis

I had to undergo CT in Vienna. Everything went very quickly in Rudolfinerhaus, since the waiting periods are very short. As to my experience, a private hospital in Vienna is very good! The clinic has a cozy atmosphere, a lot of personal space, and a very pleasant and competent team. I always had the feeling that they were devoting enough time to me. Good experience!

Andreas Jofes Meissner
Diagnosis: Obstetrics

First private hospital class. Our second daughter was born here yesterday. Super doctors, excellent conditions. I like very much the incredible service in the hotel. Highly recommended!

Franz Buchler
Diagnosis: Examination

This hospital offers many examinations for everyone: MRT and CT. The stuff is always very friendly and polite, today it is very difficult to find such a clinic anywhere.

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Best clinic's doctors
Doctor Thomas Brunner
Work experience:

Deputy Medical Director, chief of general and internal ambulance.

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Doctor Bob Dyavan
Work experience:
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Doctor Bruno Mamoli
Work experience:
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Doctor Arthur Bogdzhalyan
Work experience:

Medical Director. The head of the surgical clinic and day clinic.

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Трансфер из / в аэропорт
Помощь с визой
Персональный ассистент
Бронь жилья и авиабилетов
Проживание сопровождающего
Одноместная палата
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