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Main directions
Plastic surgery
How can we help?
Treatment abroad
  • Preparation of medical documents
  • Selection of a doctor, consumption a treatment program
  • Consultations on treatment financing and paperwork
  • Organization of flight, logistics and translator
  • Booking of accommodation, support after treatment
Transportation of patients with medical support
  • We select an air ambulance board according to medical requirements, timing and budget
  • We provide all required documents and permissions for transportation
  • We organize transportation by ambulance to the aircraft and from aircraft to the hospital
  • We organize transportation with a fully equipped lland ambulance
Online consultation of a foreign doctor
  • We prepare and translate the patient's medical documents
  • We select the best foreign doctor for the patient
  • We arrange communication between the patient and the doctor
  • We translate medical reports after the consultation
  • We accompany the patient's further treatment
Arrangement of genetic and histological study in Germany
  • We prepare and translate the patient's medical reports
  • We organize mailing of material from / to the laboratory
  • We translate the medical report of the laboratory
  • We arrange the communication between the laboratory and the patient