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Medical Center Experts Medical provides complete services on international treatment arrangement 5 stages of treatment arrangement

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Experts Medical as a medical tourism facilitator was created by Mariia Rybalova in 2016. The company history began from the cooperation with medical agency“FAME Sante” in France aiming to help Ukrainian people to get treatment in leading European clinics.

About Mariia Rybalova
  • Master of business administration and tourism at Lumière Lyon ll
  • Business developer at medical tourism company “FAME Sante” Paris, France
  • 6 years of medical experience in Ukraine and in Europe, onboard a cruise ships as a medical officer and at surgical and resuscitation departments
  • Co-founder at France-Ukraine telemedicine company “Advanced Interactive Healthcare” Paris, France
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Doctor selection criteria at "Experts Medical"

Specialization, academic degree,
more than 20 years of experience

ISO Certification, technical base,
patient's testimonials

Doctors' national ratings (Focus, Le Point)

Why "Experts Medical" ?

We help our patients find financial support from funds


We take care of everything for you in order to make your treatment comfortable and efficient


Individual selection from 246 European clinics with international certification JCI, ISO: 9001 and international awards


Online expert opinion from the best doctors worldwide.


Our patients get a 10 - 30 % discount from clinics for their treatment


Online, e-mail, phone follow-up by your doctor after treatment



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FAQ - frequently asked questions
How to choose the correct doctor

First of all, qualified doctors work at good clinics, who has high requirements to their doctors. The best ones in Europe are University clinics, as they always are one step ahead in medicine, new technologies and patients flow.

Secondly, it is crucial to check clinic’s and doctor’s national accreditation, additional certificates and licenses as well as patient’s reviews. We are working only with licensed specialists, who have good reputation among patients, colleagues.
First of all, qualified doctors work at good clinics, who has high requirements to their doctors. The best ones in Europe are University clinics, as they always are one step ahead in medicine, new technologies and patients flow.

How not to get lost in international clinic even without language knowlage?

You will get detailed schedule of examinations and treatment long before your trip.

During all examinations and consultations you will be accompanied by a professional Russian speaking interpreter.

How not to overpay for the treatment?

Prices can differs in thousands of euro even inside one country, that is why we are making personal research for each patient aiming to find the best professional for him.
You can choose the best option in terms of quality, costs and treatment program.

Prices in Germany and Israel are higher than prices in France and Spain, but it is important to choose the clinic and the country with high level of specialization concerning your disease. You can decrease the cost with the help of making diagnostics in your country. In addition, price can increase 20-30% when you are treated by a department head.
Taking into account these points, you can lower the cost of your treament.

Which advantages you get referring to an agency?

Agencies works with hundreds of patients, they know very well from the experience which clinic has more expertise on your disease and doctors with good qualification. This will also allow to save up to 40% of total costs of treatment.
They can also assist in funding your treatment and provide cost efficient and comfortable solutions for your stay.
It can offer you reassurance that you’re getting the best care .
Our services include total trip arrangement (documents preparing; translation of examinations and medical records; hotel booking, transport and 27/7 support during your journey; support during and after your treatment).
We stay with you until your complete recovery.
It worth to entrust professionals when it comes to your health.