Experts Medical – Hair transplantation using FUE and Implanted Pen FUE methods
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Hair transplantation is a direction of aesthetic surgery, which allows returning a dense natural hair on the head, in the facial area (beard, mustache, eyebrows) and on any other body part. The method allows recreating the density of the hair and make the wished hair design come true by changing or adjusting the hair growth line. Material for transplantation is hair taken from the back and parietal part of the head or from the chest (if there is not enough hair on the head).

FUE and Implanted Pen FUE – advantages and disadvantages of the methods

The FUE method is considered a standard procedure with almost 100% follicle survival result. The method is based on extraction of grafts (columns containing 1-3 living hair follicles each with small fragments of the surrounding tissues) and their implantation into open, pre-established channels. The transplantation is carried out completely manually using magnifying optical devices and a micromotor apparatus. Implanted Pen FUE is a more advanced and delicate method of hair transplantation, which differs from the previous one in the method of extracting and transplanting grafts. For this, we use a pen-device, into which the grafts sorted by the number of follicles are placed. The holes, into which the follicles are placed, are created directly during the injection of the donor material with a thin tip of Implanted Pen. After insertion of the donor material the needle is moved inside the device, and the future hair remains inside the skin. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages:
  1. FUE hair transplantation is more affordable than Implanted Pen FUE, but at the same time it has a higher risk, that the follicles will die or that the hair with grow in the atypical direction.
  2. The FUE requires the plastic surgeon to be excellently focused, precise eye and delicate to fix the hair at the right angle, while Implanted Pen FUE allows setting grafts immediately at the desired angle without further adjustment.
  3. Naturalness of hairstyle and appearance of the hair in both methods is quite high, but Implanted Pen FUE shows the best results, because during the transplantation procedure hairs with different follicles number are sorted to create the ideal hairline.
Both methods allow you getting a natural hairstyle without visible scars and changes in the donor area.

When the result will become noticeable

The transplanted follicles will not begin to reproduce the hair growth instantly. Moreover, in 2-4 weeks after the procedure, the bristle at the transplantation site will begin to come off actively. This does not mean that the follicles died – in such a way they retain their viability after engraftment. Repeated hair growth from the transplanted follicles will begin 4-6 months after the transplantation. A full result is visible after 9-12 months.

What do you need to do a hair transplantation?

To register for a hair transplantation, contact us by filling out a simple application form and provide us with a photo of the problem areas of the head, so that we could send it to a specialist in a foreign clinic where the transplantation will take place. After a preliminary assessment of the hair condition, we will begin to draw up papers for going to the clinic (Turkey), as well as arrange the transfer, accommodation and escort for the time of your stay in the clinic.